An Old Magazine Holder…

…can be the perfect way to contain the large amount of books that inevitably spill out all over your home when you have a toddler in the family. 

Thanks to the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and a family full of book lovers, Bailey has amassed more books than she’s likely to ever read.  And she just loves to drag her favorites all over the house with her.  So, needless to say, we had a pretty decent pile of books in both the family room and living room… and no good place to put them.

So, when I stumbled across an old magazine holder at the Salvation Army for $4.00 I knew I had found the answer (at least in the family room).  It had a dingy brass frame with dark drown wooden sides, but (as with pretty much everything else I buy at a thrift store) I knew a few coats of spray paint could bring it back to life.  (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture so you all could see just how lovely it originally was… please forgive me)

So, I took it home, cleaned it off, and began spraying (this time I chose Cherry Red)!  I gave it two even coats of spray paint and then one even coat of spray sealer (to make sure none of the paint would scratch off on our new bamboo floors… read more about them here and here).


By the way… isn’t the clover-esque pattern on the sides cool?  I absolutely fell in love with it the second I saw it.  But then again, maybe I’m just biased because my hometown is named Clover.

Anyway, once everything dried I loaded it up with some of Bailey’s books that most commonly find their way into the family room.  And then I placed it next to the chair (that I reupholstered a couple of years ago) in the corner of the room.




I think it should do the trick!  At least until Bailey notices it that is.

But on to a different subject… looking at that last picture makes me really want to pull out the hammer/drill and start rehanging our pictures and paintings!  I can’t stand the bare walls!  Everything’s still tucked safely away until after our big family room/kitchen renovation project is 100% done… which hopefully will be soon! 

It’s been quite a while since I have posted pictures of the whole kitchen/family room renovation project.  I’ll try to post some soon along with an update on the short list of things we still have to do.


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

OHH! That's a good one! I'm most jealous!

...are you getting all this good stuff because you have an "in" with The Habitat??? I'm gonna have to step it up a notch, I can see.

Alanna said...

i wish i could say it's because of my habitat connections, but it's not... i just get lucky every once in a while :)