An Evening at Barter...

Last Saturday Craig and I spent the evening at the Barter Theater. This time we went to see 'Of Mice and Men'. We were both excited about the play since it is such a classic story. As usual, the theater troupe did an amazing performance.

I remembered most of the story from reading the book as a kid, so I wasn't too surprised to leave the theater feeling sad. We usually go to Barter to see musicals and comedies, so this play was a little depressing by comparison. I can't wait to go back to our next show... it will definitely have to be a comedy!


9 Years and Counting!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of my first date with Craig... it's amazing how quickly that time seems to have passed yet how long it really has been. We haven't celebrated or even kept up with our dating anniversary in a very long time, but for some reason when I realized that this year marked 9 for us I felt it appropriate.

For those of you who don't know Craig and I became friends our senior year of high school. At some point along the way our friendship grew into a major crush! And that's where things changed forever for us.I can't believe how lucky I am... not everyone is lucky enough to find their partner in life... not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner that is their best friend... and not everyone is lucky enough to find that person at 16 like I did!

We've been able to share so many milestones in life together... prom, graduating high school, going away to college, starting careers, buying a home. We've been there for each other through the good and the bad... loss of grandparents, family illnesses, marriages of friends. We've watched the world change, just as we've watched each other change and grow into the people we are today. And through all of these changes and events in life our love has continued strong... how lucky are we!
It amazes me to think of how far we have come and I am so excited to find out what life has in store for us next! So, here's to the last 9 years of life, love, and memories and the lifetime yet to come! Love always!


What Do You Guys Think?!?

The other day when Craig went to the bank one of the employees had the following conversation with him...

"I'm sure you've heard this a million times before... you've got a famous life twin." --bank lady
"Who's that?" --Craig
"Josh Turner!" --bank lady
"Who's that?" --Craig
"He's a country singer." --bank lady
"Oh..." --Craig
When Craig told me about this conversation I too had no idea who Josh Turner was. So, I googled him to check out my honey's life twin... after all the idea of being married to a famous person's life twin was a little intriguing.

I must admit though I don't really see the similarity. What do you guys think?

Craig... oh, sorry, I mean Josh Turner...

Here's another picture of Josh Turner... woops again... this is actually Craig Am I married to Josh Turner's life twin? Or am I just married to Craig? Either way I'm happy!


Elton John & Billy Joel... Face to Face!

Last Saturday Craig and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Elton John & Billy Joel Face to Face concert in Charlotte. We had both seen Elton John in concert before, but never Billy Joel... and we were totally excited to see them perform together!

Here's the view from our seats in the nosebleed section... not the best, but at least we had tickets.

And here are a few videos for you all to enjoy. They opened together, then took turns playing some of their songs individually, and then closed by playing together again. The show was 3 1/2 hours and totally worth every penny we paid for our crappy seats! Unfortunately, the battery on our camera died before the show was over, so I didn't get the closing song... an amazing co-performance of Piano Man.

Seeing these two together in concert is one more thing off of my '100 things to do in my lifetime' list... 14 down/86 to go!


Artsy Fartsy!

My entire life I have wanted to be an artist... in fact my first of many majors in college was fine arts. After realizing how much I despise art history and how hard of a time so many artists have paying their bills I decided to shift my aspirations in another direction.

Through high school and college I have worked with a variety of mediums, however I never really had many opportunities to work in ceramics. So I was totally excited to have discovered some adult art classes being offered at the William King Regional Arts Center in Abingdon, Virginia. I immediately signed up for the 6-week clay class and just can not wait until it starts on March 17!

Who knows... maybe I'll turn into one of those hippy-dippy-trippy artists after all!