Weekend Visit...

This weekend my mother-in-law, Craig, and I traveled to Clarkesville, TN to visit Craig's cousin Heather and her husband Grant. Neither Craig nor I had seen Heather since she was about 13 or 14, so we were really surprised to see just how grown up she has become. Heather is a little over 7 months pregnant... she and Grant are expecting a little boy who they plan to name Kayden. Both Heather and Grant are in the army (Heather is hoping to be discharged in another 2 weeks). Grant will actually be going to Afghanistan in another 4 weeks... just shortly before Kayden arrives. We had such a good time visiting with them... although the trip was WAY overdue. We are so excited for them and we hope everthing works out well for their growing family.
We spent Saturday night in Nashville in order to break up the 5+ hour trip home. Sunday morning we did a little sightseeing. Craig's Mom even got kissed by a bum (who she gave $10)... definitely worth the trip! Here are some of the sights.


New Job!

Most of you know that my job at Youth Villages wasn't exactly up my alley. Well, I am happy to announce that I have been offered a new job through Holston Habitat for Humanity! Beginning February 27th I will be their new Family Services Coordinator! I am VERY excited about this position and the many opportunities that I will have with this agency! Plus... no more working 60+ hours! This will definitely be a nice change.