Happy Birthday Craig!!!

So, Wednesday was Craig's 25th (QUARTER OF A CENTURY) birthday! To celebrate I took him out to dinner at Carinos Italian Grill in Johnson City. Dinner was wonderful as usual. I had planned to buy him the perfect gift... a kayak!!! How awesome would that have been?!? Well, after much searching (in stores and online) I failed miserably in my attempts. So instead I had to think of something else at the last minute... something I'm not too good at. I ended up ordering a golf themed cookie bouquet from Cookies by Design. Not quite on the same level as a kayak, but he did love it. I think we may spend the weekend hunting down the perfect kayak... if we are successful we may just count it as a joint birthday gift since mine is coming up soon!

What I wanted to get Craig...
What I did get Craig...

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "tee-rific" husband!



Well, I continued giving Mr. Ribbits his "emergency aid solution" baths each night... although he seemed to be slightly improved he was still not quite himself. I decided to take him to a veterinarian to get a little advice. I discovered that there were not any certified reptile/amphibian vets in the area (another great part of living in rural East Tennessee), so I decided to take him to a vet that wasn't certified, but did have a history of working with exotic pets. So I packed him up in his little travel case and took him across town early yesterday morning.

The vet said he wasn't sure what was wrong with him, but it was most likely a bacterial infection. He recommended an antibacterial injection followed by an antibiotic bath (since frogs absorb things through their skin) for at home. The vet said that it wouldn't hurt him to try it. So, he proceeded to give Mr. Ribbits the injection and told me to bring him back on Monday to assess his progress. I knew as soon as the vet gave him the shot that I had made a HUGE MISTAKE in bringing him in. You could tell that his little body had gone into shock... he wasn't moving and was laying there with his little arms and legs spread out in front of him. I took him home and put him into the antibiotic bath as the vet had recommended. At that point he began convulsing and died within an hour. My guess is that the vet either did not calculate the proper dosage for an animal Mr. Ribbits' size OR that he stuck him in the wrong spot with the syringe. Needless to say I was not happy! I had just taken a morning off of work and paid $80 for the vet to kill my frog! I should have just kept doing the treatments I was giving him at home! I called the vet to notify him that I would no longer need the follow up appointment on Monday. He was of course very apologetic, but that doesn't change the fact that Mr. Ribbits is dead.

I know it sounds stupid and that it was just a frog, but I have wanted a pet frog since I was little. I researched treefrogs for two years before I finally got him. I had him for almost 9 months and he was an awesome pet! I made sure that he had the correct housing, bedding, food, water, etc. Plus the fact that the life expectancy for this species is over 20 years and Mr. Ribbits didn't even make it to his first birthday. :(


Uh Oh!

I've recently become concerned that Mr. Ribbits may be sick. Lately he seems very lethargic, uncoordinated, and just not himself. So, I pulled out my book on frog care and did a little research. The book talks about everything from calcium deficiency to redleg disease... after reading thoroughly I determined that his change in behaviors is likely due to spastic imbalance. Basically, his terrarium had become contaminated by some sort of "toxin." So... the solution to this little problem?!? Completely strip his terrarium, sterilize EVERYTHING, and give Mr. Ribbits some emergency medical treatment. The treatment consisted of soaking Mr. Ribbits in an "emergency aid solution" in order to provide energy and fluid support. Just imagine an oatmeal bath for a frog... that's pretty much what it looked like.
Unfortunately, Mr. Ribbits was not a fan of the bath and kept trying to sneak out. He just didn't understand that it was for his own good. Anyway, let's keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


Farmer's Market & Tomato Fest 2007

What would summer in a small country town be without a trip to the local farmer's market. Kingsport has an AMAZING farmer's market open during summer and fall. All of the produce is locally grown and all of the crafts are handmade. There's always something great to be found there. I had visited the farmer's market a few times in the past, but this was Craig's first visit. I think he was truly impressed.

Next we walked over to neighboring Glen Bruce Park for the 3rd annual Homegrown Tomato Fest! Although Craig was skeptical, I think in the end he was again impressed. This festival featured tomato tastings (40 diferent varieties), salsa tastings, culinary demonstrations, tomato-inspired art displays, and more. Local growers were invited to enter their best tomatoes in several different competitions--best tasting, biggest, prettiest, ugliest, most bizarre, and best dressed (you read it right... best dressed tomato)! Needless to say it was a fun way to spend a summer morning. You've gotta love small town America!

Friday Night Bluegrass!

Yesterday Craig and I went to Bluegrass on Broad (a free concert that takes place every week downtown)! This was our first Broad Street concert experience and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Here's a quick clip for your enjoyment.

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