It's a Girl!

We got the good news from the doctor yesterday. We are both very excited to be having a girl. This will be the first grand daughter on my side of the family and the first grand child on Craig's side! The doctor said that everything looks great so far. Our baby girl weighs about 12 oz. and had a good strong heartbeat of 144 bpm. Pam, the ultrasound tech, said that she was a beautiful baby to take pictures of... which I'm sure she probably says to all the mom's, but it was still really sweet to hear. Anyway, here are the most recent ultrasound pictures. Enjoy!

Here you can see her profile... she's got her little hand up next to her face. You can see three of her little fingers under her chin!
Here's another profile picture... directly above her forehead is her litte arm and then you can see her little leg and foot stretched all the way up over her head and arm! She must be starting to run out of room in there!
Yet another profile picture... this one also shows her heartbeat measurements.
Last but not least her little foot... this one didn't scan as well as the others, but you can see the outline of her little foot and part of her leg.

I decided not to include the ultrasound picture confirming that she's a girl... I figure she wouldn't appreciate it too much!


Danielle's Bachelorette!

Tonight was my friend Danielle's lingerie shower/bachelorette party! We all met at Danielle's house for the festivities. I had a great time hanging out with Danielle and getting to meet her other girlfriends. I also really enjoyed some of the funny stories about things she and Daniel did back in high school. I can't wait until their wedding in just two weeks! Congrats again!

Danielle with some of her new undies on her head... a very attractive look!


At Long Last...

...I FINALLY have all of my finished pieces from the clay studio! I never realized how long it would take for everything to be fired, glazed, re-fired, and so on. But I am excited to finally be able to post pictures of of my work!

Hand-thrown clay:
Toad House

Ribbon Pot

Kohiki (Japanese technique) tray
Wheel-thrown clay:

Who knows... maybe I will retire from social work and become a hippie mountain artist!?!


2nd Anniversary

Yesterday was the 2nd wedding anniversary for Craig and I. It's so strange to think that two years have gone by already, but then again look at how far life has brought us. Thanks for an amazing two years and I can't wait for the rest of them!

4th of July Fun...

My sister Erin came to town for the 4th of July weekend. We had a lot of fun taking in the various festivities around the area. Hope you all had an equally restful and relaxing 4th.

Friday--Jonesborough Days parade and festival

Saturday--Downtown Kingsport and fireworks