Rae's Shower!

Today was Rae's bridal shower in Clover... an event that I DEFINITELY couldn't miss! I had a great time and really enjoyed being able to celebrate with Rae, her family, and friends. She's going to be a beautiful bride and I am SO EXCITED for her!!!


Winter Wonderland!

This weekend the Tri-City area received its first substantial snow for the year. The snow started Saturday night and continued on through Sunday. It was the perfect amount of snow... just enough to enjoy and not enough to be an inconvenience! The town really looked beautiful!


What a Grand Opening!

This weekend Craig and I went to Columbia! It had been way too long since we visited. Anyway, we went down for a VERY special occasion... Grady and Holly's store opening! The store looked amazing and we had such a wonderful time visiting with everyone. We'll have to make another trip soon!

Grady basking in the success of the evening