Gift Card Flower Pots…

…are a fun gift idea for a teacher or friend.  Which is why I (and another mom from the class) decided to make a couple as a “thank you” to Bailey’s teacher and aid on her last day in the infant room. 
Originally, I got the flower pot idea from my sister (a teacher) who said that this was one of her favorite gifts she had ever received from a student.  So, I figured who better to trust than a teacher when trying to come up with a nice teacher appreciation gift.

So I gathered all of the necessary supplies:
  • Flower pots found at any garden or craft store
  • Floral foam found at any craft store
  • Foam flowers found at Dollar Tree
  • Bamboo BBQ skewers
  • Brown shredded paper (like the stuff used in gift baskets)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift cards

First I attached the gift cards to the foam flowers using tape.


Then I cut out random leafy shapes using the green foam flowers out of the pack.


Next I attached the leaves and the flowers to bamboo skewers (being sure that the pointy end was at the bottom).


After assembling all of my flower I moved on to the pots.  I cut a foam square using a handsaw and placed it inside the empty flower pot.  Once the foam was in place I filled the gaps with crumpled newspaper (to prevent my “dirt” from falling to the bottom).


Then I added brown shredded paper to the top of the pot, making sure to fully cover the newspaper and foam beneath.


Last I added the gift card flowers (making sure that each skewer was pushed securely into the foam).

You can also personalize your gifts by writing a message on the pots with a permanent marker.  I wrote “THANKS for helping us grow” on the front of each one” (but forgot to snap a picture of it).  So there you have it… a super easy and fun thank you idea for your favorite teacher (or anyone else out there you’re looking to thank)!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Those teachers sure are lucky!!

Unknown said...

My class did that for me during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Lindsay said...

Cute idea! I just pinned it on pinterest. haha :)

Alanna said...

wow... maybe i'll be the next big hit on pinterest :)

Lindsay said...

It has been getting lots of repins, Alanna!