The Talk of the Neighborhood...

This weekend Craig and I decided to do a little light yard work. Once we got started though, it was hard to stop. Craig's house had some large bushes that were taking over the front of the house... a neighbor told us that the shrubs had not been trimmed in over 25 years! The shrubs made it difficult to see out of the windows and to do any work on the front of the house. Needless to say, we just had to tackle that project. So, we cut them back... WAY BACK! We have since received several comments from the neighbors... one of which jokingly told us that we were ruining the neighborhood!

We were told that it would grow back in... in time. Let's just hope it doesn't take too long!

Craig's house last summer with the monstrous bushes
Craig's house after
A closer look
The pile of clippings... I hope the garbage people have a really big truck!


The Honeymoon is Booked!!!

FINALLY, Craig and I have booked our honeymoon!!! After much debate and deliberation (me wanting to go to on safari in Kenya and Craig wanting to rent a Ferrari in Italy) we have decided to go with neither of our first choices. Instead we will be enjoying something a little more realisitic... the Caribbean! Neither of us have ever traveled to the Caribbean, so we are both very excited. After doing a lot of searching we decided to vactation on St. Kitts, one of the less touristy locations! We will be spending our nights at the Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino and our days exploring St. Kitts and it's neighboring island, Nevis! Thank you Travelocity... you rock!

Dinner and a Show!

Yesterday Craig and I went to Abingdon, Virginia to enjoy a night out! We started the evening off with dinner at Wither's Hardware, an old converted hardware store in historic downtown. Next, off to Stage II at the the Barter Theatre for the musical comedy Don't Hug Me! Neither of us have laughed this hard in a long time. Anyway, the plot of the show goes like this... a small bar in a small Minnesota town during the dead of winter... needless to say people are feeling a little down in the dumps... a saleman shows up and brings the spark back into everyone's lives through the power of KARAOKE... in the end, a little singing and dancing and a lot of funny Minnesota accents and phrases make for a hilarous evening!

By the way... did you know that in Nova Scotia you can wrestle a beaver?


Engaged Encounter

This past weekend Craig and I traveled to the middle of nowhere, Sweetwater Tennessee, for an Engaged Encounter weekend. For those of you not familiar (probably most of you), this was a weekend long pre-marital counseling retreat sponsored by the Catholic church. So here's the set up... 18 engaged couples, two married couples, and one priest. We spent the entire weekend listening to the married couples talk about different topics and then talking with each other about what we had just heard. Definitely glad we only have to do that once!