The Honeymoon in St. Kitts!

We're back from St. Kitts and we had an amazing time! We had some HORRIBLE airline experiences... but it all worked out in the end. We just decided to stay in St. Kitts an extra day to make up for the day we lost due to the airlines. We wanted to share some of our pictures with you all. We took about 650 pictures, so it was tough narrowing them down to the best. We hope you enjoy them!
Day One--Grounded in Orlando for the night... thanks again US AirwaysDay Two--Arrive in St. Kitts
Our rental car
Views from the hotel

Day 3--Exploring the Northern half of the island Sugar mill ruins
Romney Manor/Caribelle Batik shop

Brimstone Hill Fortress
View of St. Eustatius through the sugar cane fields
Local artist's gallery
"Black Rocks"
Day Four--Golf!

Day Five--Ferry Trip to Nevis

Nevis from the water

Alexander Hamilton's birthplaceDay Six--St. Kitts' Capitol City of Basseterre

Area known as "The Circus"

Independence Square

Day Seven--Southeastern Peninsula
Unexpected road hazards
Turtle Beach
Day Eight--Rainforest Hike

Day Nine--More Southeast Peninsula

Sand Bank Bay South Friar's Bay
North Friar's Bay
Day Ten--Leave St. Kitts; 6-Hour Layover in San Juan Puerto Rico

St. Kitts' Frigate Bay area from the airOld San Juan

Alanna Wendt Down the Aisle!

Well... we FINALLY did it! We're married!!! We have gotten our proof album back and are diligently working on selecting the perfect pictures for our album. Feel free to check out our photographer's website to see the pictures (! There is a slide show on the first page, or you can click on "view all images" to see a complete list. Enjoy!!!


My Last Weekend of Singlehood!!!

This past weekend was my last weekend as a single girl, so we decided to celebrate! We started the evening with dinner at my sister Erin's house and then moved on to Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte! For those of you who have been out drinking with me you know that I tend to be a hilarious drunk... well, from the pictures I've seen afterwards it looks as if I didn't disappoint! I had such a great time... and I'm sure I made a fool of myself on SEVERAL occasions!!! Sorry your little sister was such an embarassment Erin. On a lighter note, I did make 12 dollars!

WARNING: Some scenes may not be suitable for younger audiences!