Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving we traveled to Clover to spend the holiday with both of our families.  We went back and forth between my mother-in-law Bev’s house and my parents’ house.










All in all, I think Bailey’s first Thanksgiving was a success!


11 Months…

…already?!?!?  What in the world… it TRULY doesn’t seem that long ago that we were bringing Bailey home from the hospital and now we’re thinking ahead about her 1st birthday party next month… GEEZ!!! 

Okay… okay… take a breath! 

I can now say, without a doubt, that I understand exactly what other moms mean when they say “she’ll always be MY baby girl”  when referencing their grown daughters… yep, I'm totally going to be one of those ladies!

Anyway, on to the token, adorable Bailey picture. 



In the last month we’ve continued to see great changes in Bailey.  She’s more on the go than ever… crawling, climbing, walking (while holding on to our fingers or behind her walker at home or the tiny miniature cart at the day school).  She has begun to stand at the side of the furniture and let go with both hands!  It won’t be long and she’s just going to stand right up in the middle of the room and take off… I hope I’ve got my running shoes on when that happens!  She’s giving out kisses, waving bye-bye, doing high-fives, and even makes “Indian noises” on occasion by patting her hand over her mouth.  She is full of personality! 

In the last month she finally figured out the whole sippy cup thing, which she is very pleased about!  She LOVES her water!!!  She still eats some baby foods, but she’s eating mainly table foods now.  I’m hoping all of this “real food” will mean that her weight is up at her appointment next month.  She still has 6 teeth… however, it looks as though #7 and #8 are beginning to make an appearance on the top of her mouth.

Next month… ONE YEAR!!!


A Visit at the Marsh House!

Last weekend we traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to visit with our friends Holly and Grady and their sweet baby Ross.  We were very excited, especially since we hadn’t seen Ross in several months!

We spent Saturday at the Riverbanks Zoo where we saw lots of fun animals and I finally got to pet a giraffe!






zoo with marsh family 1

The rest of the weekend visit was spent hanging out and watching the babies play together!  It was just too cute to watch!





We had such a great time and can’t wait to see everyone again!



On Your Mark...

...get set...


It won't be long and she'll be doing it without the help of the walker...

...not sure if I should be happy or scared about this!


And So Begins…

…the winter weather100_8170

…this early in the season?!?

I mean, come on, it’s still fall around here!?!

(It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the driving range and 1st hole behind our house is completely covered with snow.  I wish our camera could capture just how pretty it is as the backdrop to our beautiful, blazing-orange maple tree!)


I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long and cold winter.


Gone Fishing!

Yesterday we joined our friends Misty, Rob, and Maelen for the Trout Fishing in America concert at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Greeneville, TN.  I’m sure that many of you have never heard of TFIA, but we are most definitely HUGE fans in our house!  They perform a collection of silly children songs (and even some not so silly adult songs)… listen to a few of them here.  We had such a fun time!

The girls decided to share a seat although it didn’t last long… they both started climbing all over the place like a pair of little monkeys!  When the music started Bailey enjoyed clapping and bouncing along… she had so much fun that she decided to pass out about halfway through the show.

trout fishing in america 1

trout fishing in america 2

What a fun way to spend a Thursday night with family and friends!