More Floors

Okay… I realize that our floors have been complete for a while and that this post is more than 2 months overdue.  But better late than never, right?

As mentioned before Craig and I  decided to carry the new wood floors from the kitchen, family room, and hallway into the living room and dining room.  Previously the living room and dining room had old, dirty, mint green carpets (the same as the ones we ripped up and replaced in the bedrooms not long after Bailey was born).



We very happily removed the old carpet, which left us with the concrete subfloor (please overlook the giant white elephant old refrigerator in the room… we had nowhere else to put it while we negotiated its sale).


We had to do a little prep work (sanding off the adhesive from the old carpet pad, cleaning the concrete subfloor, etc.) before we could lay the new wood floors.


Then we got back to work gluing the new bamboo flooring down. 




It took us a few days/evenings/afternoons to get it done since we didn’t have my dad helping this time, but once again I think the hard work paid off! 






Keep in mind the rooms aren’t 100% done… we’ve still got plans for upgraded furniture and furnishings.  But even with that, isn’t it beautiful?  Craig and I just LOVE the way continuing the floors into these two rooms makes the whole house feel larger and more cohesive.  It really seems to add to the “flow” of things… don’t you think?

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The Ratliffs said...

Alanna - it looks GREAT! The continued flooring makes a HUGE difference and really looks so rich! I love it! Great work!!!