Arts Crawl

Craig and I were very excited to participate in the Arts Council of Greater Kingsport's Arts Crawl in downtown last night! We'd heard so many good things about the last Arts Crawl that was held back in September and were eager to experience it for ourselves!

Basically, the Arts Crawl involved us exploring (with souvenir wine glasses in hand) the many art galleries that downtown Kingsport has to offer. Each gallery featured a selection of complimentary wines and hors d'oeuvres provided by local restaurants and vendors. The wine and food was just FABULOUS!

We bumped into several people we knew (neighbors, church members, and Habitat volunteers) and they all agreed that the Arts Crawl was such a wonderful time! We are eagerly looking forward to crawling downtown (and then back home) again in the fall!

**I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures... in our mad dash out of the house I forgot the camera, so these were taken with the cell phone**

Rolly Polly...

Well... we at least know she's smarter than Sydney! He still doesn't roll over on demand!



After our last pediatrician visit we were most excited to try Bailey on some solid foods! We waited for her 6:00 feeding (before we put her to bed) so that we would have the time and energy to really work with her. We started her off with her bottle and then swapped her to the rice cereal after she had taken about half of her bottle.

She wasn't too sure about the whole solids thing at first. It took her a while to realize that she had to actually open her mouth for the spoon. Once she did finally open her mouth she kept spitting the cereal out and putting her hands in the way.
But, as with all things baby, patience paid off in the end! She finally started to get the hang of it and did what I think was a very good job for her first time eating solids!
In the end I think she was pretty pleased with her first taste of rice cereal! I know Craig and I were proud of how well she did!
Over the last couple of days she's gotten even better at the whole solids thing! She now will eagerly open her mouth when the spoon comes her way. She's spitting less of the cereal out and has even finished all that's in the bowl. She's also done well tolerating the changes we've made in the consistency of the cereal (we are gradually making it thicker each time). We plan to give the rice cereal a couple of weeks before branching out even further to fruits and veggies! Can't wait!


4 Months!

Bailey turned 4 months old on Sunday! I know I say this every month, but boy how time flies! We are enjoying our time with her so much!

Again, we've seen so many changes in Bailey over the last month. She's really starting to develop quite the personality! She's babbling constantly. She spends quite a bit of time every morning and afternoon playfully screeching (not crying)... I'm not sure what she's saying, but she really means it! She's discovered her feet... and has even tasted them a few times. They must be yummy because she keeps going back for more! She's rolling from her back to her tummy. She had been rolling from her tummy to her back for a while now, but she's just recently discovered how to do it the other way around. She's sitting up with the assistance of the Boppy propped around her! She's grabbing at everything... most of which ends up in her mouth! We suspect she's going to have her first tooth pop out soon!

At our pediatrician visit this morning Bailey weighed 13 lbs. 10 oz. (50th percentile) and measured 24 1/2 inches (75th percentile). She also measured in the 75th percentile on head measurements. She got her second round of vaccinations and had more lab work done. She handled the poking and sticking much better this time than she did last time. Her lab results came back normal, which means whatever was causing the trouble with her liver is FINALLY out of her system! Dr. Marlow said that she looked great from her physical exam and that she's right on track with where she should be. Dr. Marlow even gave us the green light to start her on solid foods! I look forward to posting soon on how this goes!

Anyway, on to some pictures... enjoy!

Enjoying the sunshine! What a happy girl!

Lovin' the tummy time... ready to roll! Sitting like a big girl! You gotta love the Boppy!Oh my... a foot! Will it reach?
Yes! It does reach!
Me and my sweet girl!


Holston River Rally!

Craig, Bailey, and I attended our first motorcycle rally on Saturday. The Holston River Rally was held just around the corner from our house at Domtar Park (along the Holston River and under Interstate 26). Craig had heard from some co-workers that the festivities weren't just for bikers, but we still weren't too sure about it. After some debate we decided we would give it a try anyway. We were pleasantly surprised by the experience! The live music and beer were a wonderful combination... and we ESPECIALLY LOVED the people watching!
Bailey parked her ride amongst all of the bikes that were entered into the bike show... I'm sure she would have been the winner if we had been able to stay for the judging!

What a fun way to spend such a beautiful afternoon!


He's Teaching Her Early... LOVE the game of golf!

Bailey spent a lazy Sunday afternoon hanging out on the couch with her Daddy watching the Masters and learning all about the sport (while I slaved away outside doing yard work). I thought for sure that this would cause Bailey to take an instant afternoon nap, but much to my surprise she was awake for most of it and really seemed to enjoy herself! She must REALLY love spending time with her daddy!


Play Time...

...oh what fun!

Bailey was very excited to discover that she has feet... I'm sure she was thinking "Wow! New toys! Whoever thought up these things was a genius!"

I absolutely LOVE to hear her laugh!


Easter Weekend

We spent the Easter weekend in South Carolina visiting with family. Unfortunately, Craig and I both ended up getting a 24 hour stomach bug, so the weekend wasn't as much fun as we hoped it would be. Thankfully Bailey did not seem to come down with it! Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Bailey from the weekend.

What a sweet girl!Getting ready to blow spit bubbles...

...and then cheesing for the camera!