Happy Halloween!

Wednesday we decided to start our Halloween festivities early by joining our friends Misty and Rob (and their daughter Maelen) at their church’s Trunk or Treat.  We had a great time visiting with them and others from the church who we knew through work.

misty 2

(Maelen the meerkat)


(Who could be scared of clowns after seeing this sweetie?!?)

misty 1

Friday we decided to put Bailey in her costume again.  All of the ladies from the day school were asking what it looked like and were begging me to bring in pictures.  So, I figured I would do one better and dress her up for the day.  They, of course loved it… but who wouldn’t?!?



Saturday night we took Bailey out to visit with the neighbors and some other friends.  She was a hit where ever she went.

After all of the fun earlier in the week we decided just to hang out at the house and play on Sunday.  What a great 1st Halloween!







We don’t usually get many (if any at all)  trick-or-treaters at our house on Halloween… we learned this the hard way our first year in the house when we bought several bags of candy and only had one visitor.  But seeing as this was Bailey’s first Halloween I decided that I would try to decorate just a bit.

I pulled out my trusty old tomato cages.


I turned them upside down and bent the wires down to round off the top.


Then I made wire arms which I attached to the cages.


I wrapped the cages with outdoor Christmas lights.


I draped them with a white sheet picked up from the Habitat Resale Store for $0.50.


Then I drew a face on the sheet using a Sharpie.


I then lined up my family of ghosts in the front yard and weighted the cages down with bricks.


I know they’re nothing fabulous, but seeing as we usually don’t do anything (we typically go out to eat, to a movie, or to a play) I thought they were fun!  Who knows… maybe next year I’ll go really wild and carve my own pumpkin!


Homemade Halloween!

Bailey was given this little outfit a couple of months ago which Craig and I both thought would make an adorable clown costume for Bailey’s first Halloween!


But we both felt it needed some accessories to make it a great costume.  I searched high and low for an infant sized clown wig or hat or some other alternative.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything in any of the stores that would work.  So, I decided that I would improvise and make an infant sized clown hat myself!

Step 1:  Gather the necessary supplies…

  • 1 small straw hat (found in the doll making section of your local craft store)
  • 1 bunch of colorful silk flowers
  • 1 package of elastic string (found in the jewelry making section of your local craft store)
  • 1 roll of ribbon in a coordinating color
  • Glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters


Step 2:  Use the wire cutters to cut one of the silk flowers off of the bunch.  Bend the end of the stem and twist it around into a loop.


Step 3:  Use a needle and thread to sew the flower onto the side of the hat.


Step 4:  Use a needle to pull the elastic thread through the hat, tying off both ends.  (Be sure to test the “snugness” of the elastic band before securing the ends!)


Step 5:  Use your glue gun to secure ribbon around the top of the hat, hiding the loop in the flower stem wire.



Step 6:  Glue on a few leaves.



Step 7:  Double check the fit!


Now that you’ve all had a preview… you’ll have to wait to see our little clown all pulled together!

Ear Infections…

…sure can take a lot out of a little girl!


But, thankfully, so far the antibiotics seem to be helping!


10 Months!

Wow! Bailey's reached the double digits!

You’ve gotta admit though... she's looking awfully cute for her age!


Bailey is still crawling all over the place.  She’s gotten super strong!  She’s pulling up and climbing on everything… furniture, toys, people, Sydney… doesn’t matter what or who it is… she will conquer the mountain! 

Bailey is growing like a weed… on fertilizer!  It seems like almost every week I’m having to sort through shoes or clothing because they’re too tight, too short, or she just can’t squeeze herself into them anymore.  I must admit it makes me pretty sad to think about how quickly she’s growing up, but at the same time very excited to see the super cool kid she’s going to become!

Bailey is in to everything.  She’s figured out how to get into the desk cabinets where the computer is housed and has even managed to remove one of the “childproof” electric outlet covers… which means either the outlet covers are cheap, despite what we paid for them… or we have a genius baby on our hands!  My guess is that she’s just a little geekling like her daddy was! 

Bailey now has 6 teeth… 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top.  She’s trying more table foods and discovering that she actually likes them!  But after eating pureed peas, ham, pasta, etc. for almost 6 months, who wouldn’t be ready for a grilled cheese sandwich!  We’re weaning her bottles down and still trying to perfect the sippy cup.  Every time I think she’s gotten the hang of the sippy cups, it seems like we go back to square one. 

Bailey has really progressed with her sleep in the last month.  She has gotten so much better at putting herself back to sleep when she wakes in the night because of gas, a noise, teething, or whatever else causes her to stir!  Although… please don’t get me wrong,… she can still be a little unpredictable at times.  But I figure I can’t complain… it’s a lot better than it was a couple of months ago!

Can’t wait to see what Month 11 has in store for us!


Fall at Fender’s Farm!

Sunday we met Erica, Jason, and Teagan at Fender’s Farm in Jonesborough, Tennessee for some fall festivities!

There was so much to see and do!


We went for a ride on the cow train…erica's 2   

…took a trip through the corn maze…

(thankfully we all managed to find our way out!)






…snapped a few pictures of the beautiful scenery …






…took a hayride over to the children’s play area where we…


…bounced on the big bouncy thing”



…slid down the giant slide…

erica's 1

…and made a few new friends…


and then we wrapped the day up at the pig race!


I mean, come on, can you think of a better end to this fun-filled day?!?


Weekend Away...

We spent this weekend away in Greenville, South Carolina visiting with our friends Laura and Travis. We were so excited to see them!

We spent Saturday at the Aunt Het Festival in Fountain Inn.
We enjoyed the people watching...

...the farmer's market...
...the pumpkin decorating contest...
...the car show...
...and the sunshine!
Sunday we decided to spend some time exploring downtown Greenville.
It was so nice to walk around in the cool fall weather!

We can't wait to go back and visit again!