Today is Craig's birthday! He's one year shy of being a quarter of a century old... my Craig is growing up so fast! Anyway, the celebration kicked off with dinner at Cootie Brown's, followed by a rousing game of recreational slow-pitch softball. What a way to celebrate!!! And, to top it all off we managed to pull off our first WIN of the season... WAY TO GO ELLIS BONDING!

Craig holdin' down 3rd base!
Hanging out in the dug out
Craig and Holly--who was also celebrating her birthday tonight!


Weekend Warriors Part II

So we finally started on the crown molding. Just like every other project we've worked on, this did not end up being as easy as we had hoped. Anyway, the molding is up! Now we just have to change the light fixture and get a new front door! More to come...


Gallery Hopping in Rogersville

Craig and I decided to spend the morning looking for some local art to snaz up the freshly painted entry hall at his house. We went out to Rogersville, a small town to the west of Kingsport, where there are a few different local artist galleries. We went in a lot of great little stores and galleries and saw a lot of really nice pottery, art, and other hand-crafted things. Unfortunately though we did not find anything that we could both agree on. We may not have found any art, but that doesn't mean that we left empty handed. I found a really cool wind chime that I just had to have!

After our shopping excursion was over we decided to grab a little lunch at a local favorite... the Tennessee Mountaineer Restaurant! If you're looking for some really good, country cooking you're guaranteed to find it here!


Wedding Shower for Jess!

This weekend Holly, Rae, and I threw a wedding shower for Jessica and Lee. The shower was Mexican themed from the food all the way down to the music! It looked like everyone had a lot of fun. Overall, I think the celebration was a success!

Gervais Bridge painting by Ernest Lee--Our gift to Jess and Lee

Grady getting rid of his hickups


Weekend Warriors

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to remove some wallpaper in the entry hall at Craig's house and do a little painting. Naturally, I assumed that between the two of us we could get this project done in a weekend. Well, here we are a month later and it's still not completely finished. What can I say, it's an old house (circa 1961) and even the "simple" projects aren't quite so easy!

So, here's what we've done so far.

Yes... That's not just one layer... That's TWO layers of tacky wallpaper!!!

Once we got the wallpaper down we realized that the plaster around the front door to the house was completely crumbling away. It took another week and a half just to replace the plaster with drywall, mud the drywall, and build out the door frame.

Finally we got to paint!

Still to come... Crown molding, a new light fixture, and eventually a new front door!!!