Maternity Photos!

Our dear friend Misty is an amazing photographer... we actually met and became friends while she was photographing our wedding. A couple of weeks ago she took maternity photos of us at the VA Mountain Home in Johnson City. It was such a pretty day with all of the fall leaves and, as usual, we had a blast hanging out with Misty, her hubby Rob, and their baby Maelen!

We finally got the photos yesterday as part of their gift to us at the baby shower. Hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

Bailey's Shower in Tennessee!

Yesterday, my dear friends here in Tennessee threw Bailey a shower. It was so nice to have so many of my friends, neighbors, and Habitat co-workers and volunteers there to celebrate with us.

The diaper game... even with playing this game at the shower in South Carolina last weekend I still wasn't very good at it.

Lots of wonderful gifts!

Some of my lovely neighbors and Habitat crew.

Misty, me, and Kellee


Bailey's Shower in South Carolina!

This weekend my sister Erin threw Bailey a shower at her house in Rock Hill. It was a lot of fun to see so many of our family members and friends and get to celebrate with them Bailey's upcoming arrival! Erin, as usual, had everything VERY well organized and did a great job hosting!
Beautiful flowers from my sister Kerri in Bermuda!

Playing the diaper game. I tell you, the ladies at the shower took all of the games VERY seriously. They were playing to win!

The baby food game.

Time for the presents!
A small selection of some of the wonderful gifts Bailey was given...

Laura and I Holly and I comparing our baby bumps... I definitely win this competition! Bev and IErin, my mom, and I


Weekend Hike!

Even in my 8th month I still have tons of energy, so Craig and I decided to go for a little hike today at Warrior's Path State Park. We decided to do a shorter, less strenuous hike than the trails we usually take. Instead of hiking the entire Devil's Backbone to the Fall Creek Loop and back we just did the short trail between these two longer trails. Sydney of course was in heaven running through the woods, jumping around in the tall grass, and diving into the creek!

It was such a pretty day and I'm so glad we decided to spend it this way! I can't wait until we can take Bailey along with us for the fun!