Repurposed Soda Crate Planter

This old Orange Crush soda crate was another find at a local church yard sale.  I instantly fell in love with the bright colors and graphics and knew that I could come up with something to do with it at home.



The only problem with it was that it had a piece of old, nasty carpet attached to the bottom.  I’m not really sure what the point of the carpet was, but I figured that I could easily remove it and the nails that had been used to secure it.





With a little elbow grease both the carpet and nails were gone and some more fun graphics were exposed on the sides.


And after popping a few flowers inside I was left with this fun planter for the back patio. 

This is definitely more than a crush… I think I’m in love!


I Bought a House!

A bird house that is!  But after stumbling across this sweet little blue bird house at a church yard sale for just $3, who could blame me for pulling the trigger?  I just love the happy, summery colors and I thought it would be the perfect addition to our back yard wilderness!


You see, we’re literally surrounded by nature here in Kingsport.  Our neighborhood is bordered by a mountain on one side and a river on the other, so it’s not unusual to have deer, rabbits, ducks, or even the occasional skunk or bear in the back yard.  So I’ve been gradually trying to capitalize on our one-ness with nature by turning our gardens and yard into a sanctuary of sorts for all of the little critters that come to visit. 

My new blue bird house is the next step in my master plan!  Not to mention the fact that it’s just plain adorable!




I mean, come on… what little bird wouldn’t want to call this place home?


Baby Boy Leonberg… 4-D!

Craig and I were very excited to have a 4-D ultrasound of our little guy last Friday (at 27 weeks and 1 day) and then a repeat 4-D again today (at 27 weeks 5 days).  Just as with Bailey, we got a lot of hand-in-face shots (see her 4-D pics here and here).





But thankfully, with a bit of patience we were able to get a few clear pictures of his sweet little face!




Can’t wait to see that adorable face in person!


12 Years Ago…

…Craig and I were just a couple of crazy high school kids flirting in class.  Then he asked me out!


And who could have imagined where that first date would lead?


SKMBT_C22012032300170 (2)



Craig and I are in the process of turning Bailey’s current nursery into a shared bedroom for her and her future brother. 

I’m sure some of you out there are thinking we’re totally crazy for doing this, but let me explain our thinking a bit.  First, kids share rooms all of the time.  My sister and I shared a room for years when we were little, so we figure until our kids get older sharing a room won’t be too big of an issue.  Second, we live in a 3-bedroom house and all of our family and a lot of our friends live out-of-state.  So, when we have people come to visit (which happens every couple of months and a few times a year at the holidays) we need a place for them to stay.  Even with our current guest bedroom available we’ve still had occasions where family and friends end up on couches, air mattresses, or at hotels.  So, keeping our guest bedroom free is a must! 

Now, as fun as it is to play around with planning a new space… converting Bailey’s current bedroom into a shared bedroom has presented us with a few different challenges: 

  1. Fitting all of the necessities into a room that’s roughly 150 square feet
  2. Working around the room’s architectural challenges features (the windows, the wall of closets, and the door)
  3. Creating a space that works for both a toddler and an infant
  4. Creating a space that will fit both a boy and a girl

Here’s a drawing of what Bailey’s room currently looks like…

Current Nursery Floor Plan

…and here’s our plan for the shared bedroom.

Combined Room Floor Plan

You’ll notice a few big differences in the shared space.  Primarily, we plan to add a twin-sized bed for Bailey, so that the crib will be freed up for our new little guy when he arrives.  The second major furniture change is the addition of a smaller dresser in place of the humongous dresser that’s currently in the room.  We don’t really expect the down-sized drawer space to be a problem given the entire wall of closets in the room and the vacant dresser in the guest room that can be used for extra clothing storage.  You probably also noticed that the hamper and book case are missing from the drawing.  We don’t plan on eliminating these items entirely.  We just plan to tuck them away in one of the closets (probably the closet that’s closest to the rocker)

So, that’s the plan for the nursery-turned-shared-bedroom.  As we all know, things don’t always work out according to plan… but we’re pretty sure that this room design will address the first couple of challenges on our list above.  Now, the last couple of challenges on the list we’re praying Pinterest and Google can help us figure out!