Rae's Bachelorette Night in Columbia!

This weekend I went to Columbia for Rae's bachelorette party. I had such a good time and it was so awesome being back in Columbia! We started the night off at Monterrey's and then headed down to 5 points for a bit of a pub crawl! Here are some pics and videos to give you a better idea of exactly how the evening went!

At Monterrey's
First stop... Village!
One of many...
Rae and the Dano's guys
Playing in the fountain

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Holly also knows all of the words!

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Taking One for the Team...

Craig and I have begun our softball season again. We are playing for the same team as we did in the fall... Ellis Bonding. Tonight our game was against a team from Hertz. Tonight's game was hard core! So hard core that several players were injured... We had to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the whole team. No one exhibited this more than Craig. While catching, a batter tipped the ball... right into Craig's nose!!! I was so scared that his nose had broken... THANK GOD it didn't!!! I couldn't believe it... this happened while playing slow pitch, co-ed, recreational softball!?! We ended up winning and our record now stands at 4 and 3... Now that's taking one for the team!

That's definitely going to hurt in the morning!


Working Weekend...

Craig's Mom came to visit for Mother's Day this weekend. Instead of just sitting around we decided to take advantage of the extra hands and put her to work. We were ambitious... We completed a few finishing touches to the closets in the first guest bedroom and we decided to paint the living room and second guest bedroom. Needless to say it was a busy weekend. Here are a few pictures to keep you all caught up! We hope you enjoy our house of many colors!

Project # 1--Closets

Project # 2--Living Room

Project # 3--Second Guest Bedroom


Tee Time!

This past Sunday was my sister Erin's 26th birthday! Erin has recently taken up the sport of golf... much to my father's satisfaction! So, Erin decided that she wanted to spend her birthday hitting the links with my dad, Craig, and myself. Let's just say that the word of the day was "mulligan"! I don't know what happened, but not a single one of us played well... at least Erin had an excuse though! I wonder if it had to do with the margaritas and beer from the previous night?!? Anyway, I think we all still had a really fun time and it's definitely something we'll have to do again soon!

I think it's time for a new glove

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Bueno... This past weekend Craig and I traveled to Clover for a Cinco de Mayo inspired wedding shower! It was muy divertido! We received many wonderful gifts that are sure to come in handy with all of the work that we are putting into the house and yard! The neighbors are going to think we're a couple of migrant workers with the amount of time we'll be putting into the yard! I wonder what they'll have to say about that?!? Again, to everyone who came and joined us I just want to say gracias!

For those of you who can't tell... Craig's work apron says "fix it" and mine says "manager"... how appropriate!