Reasons to be Thankful!

When you take time to really look at the world around you it's not hard to find reasons to be thankful. Unfortunately, many of us only take the time to think about this once a year. This year Craig and I went home to Clover for Thanksgiving. We were both blessed to spend time with wonderful family and friends for whom I am truly thankful! Although I didn't want to leave, it is nice to be back in Tennessee... day by day it's starting to feel a little more like home.


Weekend Warriors Part IV

This weekend Craig and I finally cleaned up the back room of his house. This room was originally a carport, but the previous owners enclosed it making a bonus room. So far, Craig has pretty much been using it as his workshop/garage area. This project took us two whole days. Believe it or not the "before" picture was taken at the beginning of day two... so just imagine how bad it must have been on the beginning of day one! Anyway, now we've got a perfect place to work on all of our fixer' upper' projects!




I Guess It's My Turn


I am: a Caroling girl living in Tennessee.
I want: to make a difference.
I have: the same birthmark as my mother.
I wish: that social workers really did have magic wands.
I hate: when people mispronounce or misspell my name.
I miss: the good times I had in Columbia.
I hear: nothing... it's so quiet in Kingsport.
I wonder: how long Craig is going to continue to play games.
I regret: not visiting my uncle in the hospital before he died.
I am not: a vegetarian... no matter how many times people say that I am!
I dance: eventough I'm really bad at it.
I sing: to myself in the car... ALWAYS!
I cry: very rarely.
I am not always: the bitch, but sometimes I have to be.
I make with my hands: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I write: in print... never cursive.
I confuse: my left with my right.
I need: to make myself a priority.
I should: try not to interrupt Craig as much.
I start: talking in a STRONG souther accent when I drink... so I've been told!
I finish: a gallon of milk in 3 days.

I was tagged by Holly; I don't know who's left to tag.