Snow Days!

Well, when Craig and I woke up on Thursday was were quite surprised to see the ground completely covered with snow. We knew they had been calling for it, but we expected it would be like all of the other days they had called for snow and we end up with a light dusting or nothing at all. Nope... that wasn't the case on Thursday. We actually ended up with about 3-4 inches.
It was so pretty to look at! Unfortunately, we weren't able to really enjoy it because of having to work. The real world sucks! Ah... to be a kid again!


Happy New Year!

You know how many people decide to celebrate the new year by jumping into a lake or ocean or some other incredibly cold body of water? Well, Craig and I decided to do our own version of the "polar bear dive." We decided to brave the weather (35 degree weather, wind, and snow flurries) and take our new kayaks out on the river!

Eventhough it was cold and we had to battle with the occasional snow flake it was surprisingly beautiful out there today! Hope you enjoyed your New Year's Day as much as we did!