A Christmas Mantel

I realize that this post is more than late.  I had every intention of writing it 2-3 weeks ago, but work, the kids, the house, etc. just kept getting in my way.  Sorry about that, but better late than never, right? 

Anyway, here are some pictures of our mantle all decorated for Christmas this year.  It was so different from the mantel that we had last year and the year before.  It has a much more casual feel to it, which I love!  Hope you love it too! 








Bailey’s Rainbow Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Bailey’s third birthday (check out her first and second birthday parties too)!  I tried to keep things as simple as possible by sticking with a rainbow theme, where pretty much anything bright and colorful would go. 

I whipped up these cheerful invitations to go along with the rainbow theme and then printed them on card stock left over from my sister’s bridal shower earlier this year.  Waste not… want not, right?

The foyer, dining room and kitchen were all decorated with these fun, rainbow-colored streamers that I made (thanks to a little inspiration from my friend Holly).  They were so super easy to make and I plan to reuse them at future celebrations.


Since the most important people at the party were going to be two and three year olds I tried to have a few different play zones scattered throughout the main living areas (you know… to try to keep the kiddos from destroying playing in Bailey’s room).  I pulled out the rainbow-colored blocks and set them out in the living room.

party 5

In the dining room I covered the table with white craft paper, which the kids were free to color on.  And color they did!


party 4

The food at the party consisted of pizza (requested by Bailey), rainbow-inspired fruit and veggie trays, and rainbow tie-dye cupcakes (recipe found here)

party 3


The kids all seemed to be BIG fans of the spread, especially when it came to the cupcakes!





After eating the kids were invited to make a toddler-friendly tie-dyed t-shirt following this tutorial



They all seemed to enjoy the activity, but it proved to be a little more time-consuming than their two and three year old attention spans could manage.  So, we moved on to the presents.  Naturally, many of the presents had to be tested (for quality assurance purposes) as soon as they were opened!



And as always, playing with the wrapping paper was just as much fun as playing with the presents!


Even sweet Owen enjoyed getting in on the wrapping-paper-playtime-fun!


As they left, the kids were given favor bags filled with candies that fit right in with the rainbow theme. 


But as great as the favor bags were, by far the best part of the day was Bailey getting to spend some time with her two most favorite people… her BF (as in boyfriend) Colin and her BFF Maelen!


Happy birthday sweet girl!  I love you to the end of the rainbow and back!


5 Months!

Yet another month has passed… this one even faster than the last one.  Owen turned 5 months old last Tuesday. 


He had a follow-up appointment at the pediatrician last week (for the cold he’d had a couple of weeks before) and while we were there we got all of his measurements.

  • Weight—15 lbs. 5 oz. (24th percentile)
  • Height—2 ft. 2.75 in. (83rd percentile)
  • Weight to height—5th percentile

Both his weight and height percentiles were up, which is always nice to hear.


His latest discoveries include the following:

  • Feet (and the socks that accompany them) are actually pretty tasty
  • When in doubt, blow spit bubbles
  • Bath time is the most awesome-est thing ever
  • Bailey is, by far, the most fascinating person in the world!


Can’t wait to see what new tricks he comes up with in the next few week!


A Morning At The Circus!

A couple of weeks ago the circus came to Johnson City and we were so excited to be able to take the entire family (plus Bailey’s little friend Maelen) out to enjoy the experience!  We all had a great time watching the animals, acrobats, and other performances. 


Circus 052

Circus 133

Circus 146

Circus 057




Oh… and the quality time spent with the family wasn’t too bad either!

Circus 073



Owen’s Baptism

Saturday morning we celebrated Owen’s baptism! 





It truly was a special day for a very special little boy!


It’s Amazing…

…what a fresh haircut can do for a person!  Especially when it’s that 1st ever haircut!

It can make you look and feel like a new girl!


Or at least that’s what it did for Bailey!  Gotta love that girl!


Happy Halloween!

Each year I try to be creative yet keep things as simple (a.k.a. cheap!) as possible when it comes to Halloween costumes.  It always amazes me how expensive so many store bought costumes can be… and most of them are really poorly made. 

In the past, Bailey has dressed up as a clown and a lion, which were both a lot of fun.  This year, since we now have two children, I decided that the Halloween costumes had to coordinate!  I honestly had no idea where to start. 

So when I remembered having this brown, bear suit that friends (thanks Laura and Travis!) gave us for Owen I decided to keep it simple and dress him as a bear.


Then came the tough part… trying to figure out a coordinating costume for Bailey.  Then suddenly it hit me one day… Bailey could be Goldilocks and Owen could be Baby Bear! 

I found this sweet little dress at the local Goodwill for $2.99 and thought that it would make a perfect Goldilocks outfit.  It was sized 2T, but with Bailey being so petite I figured it would probably still fit her.  So it took a chance on the dress and took it home.


I tried the dress on Bailey to check the size and was thrilled to see that the dress was almost a perfect fit.  The one and only problem with it was the length.  You know those girls you see out places and you think to yourself that if they bent over even just a little bit you’d see everything?  Well imagine that… only shorter!  You could actually see everything while Bailey was standing! 

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take much to solve the problem… just a little bit of fabric sewn onto the bottom of the dress.  And best of all, my mom was in town and she was looking for little projects that she could do to keep herself busy.  So I put her to work!


The end result was this sweet little ensemble…


…and this even sweeter little pair!



DSCN3738 (2)



Have you ever seen a better looking Goldilocks or Baby Bear?  Surely not!  They are just so sweet! 

Unfortunately, thanks to some pesky shots at the pediatrician’s office Halloween morning and some very chilly weather outside Owen wasn’t able to go trick-or-treating.  Instead, he hunkered down at home with my Mom while she handed out candy.


Bailey on the other hand was good to go!  And go she did!  She had a great time visiting at the neighbors’ houses and getting her trick-or-treat on! 


Definitely another very happy Halloween!