Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we packed up the car and headed to Mobile, Alabama for my cousin Sheila's wedding. It was a VERY LONG drive, but it was most certainly worth it to visit with all of the family and share in Sheila's special day!

Hangin' out in the pew waiting for the ceremony to begin
The Leonberg branch of the Wendt family tree
Bailey with Auntie Erin!

Erin, Sheila, and Me
Bailey and Cousin Kelsey
Cousin Amanda and Erin
Sheila and hubby Darryl
Me and Bailey with Aunt Barbara


6 Months!

Last Friday Bailey turned 6 months old! It truly is hard to believe how fast she's growing! All I can't think to say is WOW!

What BIG changes we've noticed with Bailey over the last month! Bailey is talking up a storm and can even say "Ma Ma"!!! We've not noticed any other words yet, but she's definitely making a supreme effort! She is eating solids three times a day and in general she is a very eager eater! Her eating has slowed down some in the past couple of days, but she's getting ready to have a few more teeth come in so I think that's the main reason for this. We've tried starting her on a sippy cup with water. She seems to love water, but she hasn't quite figured the whole sippy cup thing out. Bailey is now sitting up, unsupported. She's quite good at this and seems to have a lot of control and balance already! When on her tummy, she will roll and scoot herself to get to the toys or other objects that she wants. She will push her chest up off of the ground with her arms and try to push off with her legs... Craig says she's revving her engine. We're trying to prepare ourselves for the day that she finally decides to take off. Bailey is getting REALLY strong... she is bouncing like crazy in her exersaucer now and LOVES every minute of it! I think this play/exercise time has definitely helped to build up her legs, arms, and back so that she can move as well as she does. Craig and I have also noticed more and more of her personality coming out, which is really cool to watch!

At her 6 month pediatrician appointment she weighed 15 lbs. 1 oz., which wasn't quite as much as I had expected. This placed her around the 30th percentile on weight. Dr. Marlow said that babies will sometimes hit a plateau weight-wise around this age because they're moving so much and starting to burn off so many more calories. I guess it's all the working out she's been doing in her exersaucer! Bailey measured 26 1/4 inches, which places her around the 60th percentile. She's definitely grown! Dr. Marlow gave us the green light to gradually start with some non-pureed solids. She also gave me some tips for helping Bailey figure out how to use her sippy cups.

So here are a few pictures of our growing girl...

Sitting up like a big girl!

Look at those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!

Preparing for take off


Happy Father's Day... the two most important men in my life! Bailey and I love you both very much!


Happy Birthday Maelen!

Maelen (Rob and Misty's daughter) turned 1 last Thursday. Her birthday party was earlier this afternoon. It was great to be able to celebrate this special occasion with them!

The birthday girl The jump-jump The band

Weekend Visitors!

This weekend we were so happy to have our friends Laura and Travis come to visit! We had such a great time hanging out and catching up with them!

Bailey loved meeting them both very much... ...however I think she was most excited about playing with Travis' beard!
We definitely will have to get together again soon!


Animal Kingdom and Other Randoms

Last Thursday we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We were VERY excited to see what was there since neither Craig nor I had ever been there. I must say, we were very impressed! We spent the entire day checking out the animals and taking in the scenery. Again, Bailey did SO WELL!!!

Bailey wore her giraffe hat especially for the occasion!
She was mesmerized by Rafiki's hair!

When we weren't enjoying the sights throughout Orlando we spent time hanging out at the house visiting with Craig's uncle Dave (Bailey's Godfather) and playing in the pool. It was so nice to get away for a few days!

Now back to work...


Sea World...

...was so much fun!!! We spent all day yesterday (Tuesday) at Sea World taking in the scenery and enjoying the many fabulous shows they have to offer. What a good time we had!
Dave (Craig's uncle), Bev, Craig & Bailey waiting for the first show to begin

The Whale and Dolphin Show...

...was simply AMAZING!

After visiting the manatees
The Shamu Show...

...was equally AMAZING!

Me and two of the loves of my life!
The Sealion and Otter show...

...was really cute
Bailey did SO VERY well considering we were there for around 10 hours. We were able to time her feedings around shows and our meal times... and it just worked out perfectly! All in all we had a FABULOUS day!
NOW... on to Disney's Animal Kingdom on Thursday!!!