A Day on the Lake

Craig and I spent Saturday afternoon at Warrior's Path State Park putting our kayaks to good use. We parked at the center of the park and paddled all the way to Fort Patrick Henry Dam and back... over 7 miles in all! Thankfully, we managed to get out of the water just in time for the rain to begin. All in all we had a great time and enjoyed taking in all the scenery!


Kentucky or Bust!

This weekend Craig and I went to the Blue Grass Stakes horse race at Keeneland race track in Kentucky. We spent Friday night at my aunt's house in London, KY and then traveled up to Lexington the next day for the races.

Craig and I on our drive up to Kentucky... what an awesome view!
My cousin Chuck gave Craig and I a tour of the city and of the UK campus on our way to the race track. There were 10 races for the day with the Blue Grass Stakes being the 9th. Some of the horses that ran in the Stakes will be running in the Derby this May.

We had seats in the Equestrian Room, which was wonderful since the temperature was in the 50's for the day.
My Aunt June, Mom, and Dad at our table.
Checking out the horses in the paddock.
The horses being paraded to the starting gate.

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Unfortunately... the horses were faster than my camera!

We had a blast and we even left with more money than we went with... which is more than can be said for most of the others who were there!


My Radio Debut!

I am very excited to report that this past Tuesday I made my radio debut! I was given the opportunity to do a little PR work for my new job and give a 30 minute interview with DJ Tiger Books on WCQR 88.3. It really is amazing how quickly the 30 minutes flew by. Thankfully the interview was pre-recorded rather that LIVE! I must say that the high point of the interview was when I mistakenly said "numberous" instead of "numerous" when I was trying to answer one of Tiger's questions... it was hilarious! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Tiger decides to edit that out. Other than that little flub I think I did pretty well for a first-timer!

In addition to the 30 minute interview I had to record a 30 second promo. The promo was basically me introducing myself, Habitat's mission, and telling people what they could do to get involved. I got it done in ONE TAKE... which Tiger said never happens!

Anyway, the station will begin airing my promo every day, multiple times a day starting on April 13th. The full interview will air on April 19th at 6 a.m. If for some reason you're up that early on a Saturday and you're in the area you should tune in and check it out!