28 Weeks and Counting...

We are now over 28 weeks along... a few weeks into our third trimester (around 7 months now)! Bailey weighs approximately 2.4 pounds, measures around 10 inches from crown to rump, and about 15.75 inches in total length. She's definitely growing... as am I! She's is moving like crazy and occasionally delivers a fairly strong kick that takes me by surprise. My belly button has gradually turned into an outie which is pretty strange, but I'm getting used to it. Your body really does some strange things when you're pregnant!

At my last regular pre-natal appointment I had a glucose tolerance test which tests for gestational diabetes. Unfortunately, my levels following the 1 hour test were elevated so I had to go back in last week for a 3 hour re-test. Thankfully, the results of the re-test came back normal, so it appears that everything is okay! What a relief!

Our next appointment is Monday, 10/5... we are SO VERY excited about this appointment because we will be having our 4D ultrasound that morning! We can't wait to see what she looks like... hopefully she will cooperate with us so we can get some clear pictures of her beautiful face! I wonder who she's going to look like?!?

It truly is amazing how quickly the past few months have flown by and a little scary to think that in less than 3 months we'll be parents!


We're Still At It...

Craig and I spent yet another weekend working on and finishing up various projects in the nursery.

Project #1--Craig finished installing cubbies in one of the closets. He also installed a lower closet rod in that same closet. Last, but certainly not least, he installed lights in both of the nursery closets. I think he did a great job and now we're ready to store the numerous baby items that we will be needing!

Project #2--A few months ago we found a great rocker at the local Goodwill for only $30. It was in perfect condition... no scratches on the wood and no tears or stains on the cushions. Even though the cushions were in good shape I was a little bored by their beige color. I suggested to Craig and I sew slip covers for them... he agreed and suggested that I use a turquoise colored fabric. I think it turned out great... definitely a pop of color and a HUGE improvement of the old cushion color!

Project #3--We found a really cute, handmade mobile at a neat little shop in Gatlinburg last month. We finally got around to hanging it above the crib.

Project #4--I had a little yellow night light that I bought a few years ago that I thought would work well in the nursery. Unfortunately, I didn't really care for the plain white shade on it. So, I decided to jazz it up a little bit with different colored ribbons. All it took was 20 minutes and a glue gun. The end result is definitely more fun and the plain lamp shade it had before!


Crib Creations!

Since we decided not to do the traditional themed nursery, but rather to do a modern, brightly colored nursery, we hadn't been able to find any crib bedding that would work the way we wanted it to. Most crib bedding is themed and/or consists of softer, more pastel colors... not at all what we are looking for. The only bedding that we thought could possibly work we saw online at Ikea. Unfortunately, it was part of last years collection and is no longer available in the stores or online.

So, after many disappointing and frustrating searches online and in stores I decided that I would try to make my own crib bedding. I stumbled across this great "decorative tapestry" at Target and thought that it would be just perfect!

So, I decided to use the fabric tapestry to make a duvet cover and pillow case for the crib comforter and pillow that we had previously purchased at Ikea.

I attached snaps to both the duvet cover and pillow case so that Bailey couldn't get tangled in them. Here's a picture of the completed duvet... I think it turned out just fab!
I thought that I would try to make bumper pads out of the remaining tapestry fabric. I wasn't quite sure how to do this, but I was able to find a couple websites that gave me a good idea of how to get started. Once I got going it was pretty easy to figure out!
Here is the completed bumper pad... another fabulous creation! I think all of the colors really look great up against the bright green nursery walls!
Here's a shot of all three completed items... the bumper pads, pillow, and duvet. The plan is to use solid colored fitted sheets (courtesy of Ikea) with these items as a contrast. I'm still debating whether or not to make a dust ruffle.

What a fun way to spend a weekend! It truly is amazing what a little creativity and a sewing machine can do!


Labor Day in Charleston!

Craig and I spent the Labor Day weekend in Charleston, SC. We stayed with some friends of the family and had a fun time visiting with them and catching up. The weather was just beautiful... what a perfect weekend to head to the low country!

The view of the marsh and the intercoastal waterway from Jim and Jan's back deck... what a view to wake up to each morning!
We spend Saturday enjoying the sunshine at the beach on Kiawah Island. Not too hot and not too crowded... the absolute perfect day to go to the beach!

Sunday was spent poking around in all of the stores on King Street and in the Market in downtown Charleston. We definitely got our exercise!