DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

Bailey loves to color with chalk.  The only drawback is that she tends to make a huge mess in the process.  As a result we restrict her chalk-time to the outdoors (hence the repurposed children’s chalkboard easel for her room).  So when I found this gigantic, heavy-duty plastic frame at the Salvation Army for $12.00, the first thing that came to my mind was an outdoor chalkboard for Bailey (since the frame was plastic and would weather well if left in the elements).
As usual, I loved the detail of the frame, but hated the color.  So I fell back on my old, reliable plan of 2 even coats of spray paint (this time in Sun Yellow) and 2 even coats of spray sealer.
For the backing of the chalkboard I used a piece of wall paneling that I salvaged during the demolition phase of our kitchen renovation project.  I cut it to size, painted it with 3 layers of chalkboard paint, and then attached it to the frame with wood screws.
I decided that the outdoor chalkboard project wouldn’t be complete without a container to hold all of Bailey’s chalk (instead of just using the cardboard box it came in).  So I decided to repurpose a clay flower pot.
I painted one side of the pot with black paint.  Then I attached the word “chalk” to the painted area in foam letters (purchased in the $1.00 section at Target).
I sprayed the entire pot (inside and out) with spray paint and sealer.  And then I pealed the foam letters off to reveal the word “chalk” in black.
The end result?  A beautiful, fun, and energetic spot on the patio for Bailey to play!  And if you’re wondering how Bailey liked it…
…she loved it!  And she very quickly got to work creating a masterpiece of her own!

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Lindsay said...

Great project!