Crayon Monogram!

Okay… so I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there doing crayon monograms right now, but that didn’t stop me from being inspired to make one for Bailey’s room.  What a cheap and easy way to add some playful art to the space!

I pulled out an old shadowbox I had bought at a church yard sale a few months ago for only $3 (the same yard sale I bought the frame for my silhouette project and the metal basket for my flower vase project)


I hated the color of the wood, but figured a few coats of white gloss spray paint could take care of that problem.  Unfortunately, I was unable to remove the glass, so I covered it with pages out of an old catalog.  I propped it up on a bucket and got to painting.



The white paint turned out beautifully!  Unfortunately, after removing the catalog pages, I realized that I had made a huge mistake.  I forgot to paint the inside of the frame!  So when looking at the nice, white shadowbox all you could see was the dark brown wood around the inside edges... not exactly what I was going for. 

So I pulled out the spray paint again… this time a can of purple… and gave the inside of the frame a couple of quick coats.  I made sure to cover the glass on the inside of the frame and cover the nice glossy white exterior of the frame as well so that they wouldn’t end up purple. 



Once that was done I cut a piece of 10” x 10” scrapbook paper down to 8 1/2” x 11” so that it could be fed into our printer.  Then I went into Microsoft Word and typed a very large B in a font that I liked (600 point Verdana font) to be used as my template for the crayons.  Next I clicked on “Text Effects” and chose “Fill – White, Outline – Accent 1” so that the B would print as an outline instead of a solid letter.


letter b


I attached the B template to the shadowbox backing using double-sided tape.


Then I started cutting (make sure you use an old knife that you don’t care too much about or a utility knife!), arranging (I followed the Roy G. Biv method and chose to have them all pointing the same direction … can somebody say OCD?!?), and gluing my crayons into place.




Then I reassembled the shadowbox and ended up with this!




I know it’s too nothing original, but still… Isn’t it fun?  I love the colors!  I especially love the pop of purple on the inside of the frame… talk about a happy accident!


Lindsay said...

Suuuper cute! I love these things.

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Really cute!

Caitlin said...

Can you tell me about how many boxes of crayons you went through for this? I'm thinking of doing something similar in my son's nursery, which is crayon themed, and I'm trying to get an idea of how many boxes I'll need to spell out "Liam."

Alanna said...

i originally bought 3 24-count boxes of crayons at back-to-school time. i ended up only using 2 of them. i decided not to use some of the colors (black, brown, white, gray). i would think that you could probably get away with 6-7 24-count boxes since the "L" and "i" won't require as many crayons. of course the bigger or smaller you make your letters will change the number of boxes you'll need. hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

These are sooo cute!!! What size frame did you use? I've got 6 x 6 frames. What size font would you recommend? X

Alanna said...

The size font you choose is entirely up to you. I would just go into either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher and create a text box that is 6 x 6. From there you can play around with the different font sizes and styles and see what you like best.