A Great Smokey Mountain Birthday!

Yesterday was Craig's birthday. We decided to celebrate by taking a day trip down to Gatlinburg. It had been years since I had visited there and Craig had never been, so we were looking forward to seeing what all there was to offer down there.
We started off by enjoying a nice lunch at Calhoun's. We then took a ride up the Ober Gatlinburg aerial tramway to the top of Mount Harrison. It was a nice way to take in the views of the town and of the Great Smokey Mountains in the distance.

And of course we spent some time poking around in all the different shops.
After finishing up in Gatlinburg we then headed through Pigeon Forge, to some of the outlet stores, before heading back home. What an exhausting, but fun, way to spend a Saturday!


Too Cute...

Sydney decided to curl up in my lap and cuddle with Bailey while she was kicking away in my belly this afternoon! He just layed there for 10-15 minutes snuggling with her!
I think he's really looking forward to having a little sister and he's going to be a very good puppy brother! What a sweet boy he is!

The Crib is Here!

Today, Bailey's crib arrived! So, Craig decided to go ahead and put it together tonight. I was under strict instuctions NOT to help! Craig wanted to do it all himself! He was however, very closely supervised by Sydney throughout the entire process.

All in all, it took about 45-50 minutes from start to finish... not bad considering some of the distractions he had to put up with (Sydney trying to "help" and me constantly snapping pictures). I think the crib looks simply beautiful... job well done Craig! More to come...


Nursery Re-do Part I

So Craig and I are trying to get a jump start on the nursery. We're not necessarily going with a particular "theme" per se... instead we decided to just do a variety of bright, funky colors . We thought that we would start with the paint. We decided to pick a brighter, more fun shade of green called Honeydew... this paint is definitely a big change from the old paint color!

Here's a reminder of what the bedroom paint looked like before... a darker, olive green.
Craig looked a littler nervous about the new color at first...

...but in the end he LOVED it!

I think we're off to a good start! More nursery re-do to come! Next post... the crib! Can't wait until it's delivered!


Congrats... Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Back! The wedding of two of our dear friend Daniel and Danielle was yesterday (8/8/09) at Rose Hill Wedding Chapel in Johnson City. I had always wondered what a wedding at this chapel would be like... it was just beautiful! The reception was held at the King's Ballroom, which was also a beautiful venue. We feel so lucky to have been able to share in their big day!

The Cake
The Groom's Cake


The Ever Growing Belly...

I have been asked by a few people to post a more up-to-date picture of my expanding baby bump. So, here you go. I will be 21 weeks on Thursday. Definitely a difference from our last picture that was taken at 13 weeks!

It's hard to imagine that we're already over half-way there! The weeks are just flying by... I guess we better get crackin' on the nursery!