DIY Marker Board

So here comes yet another post about how I stole an idea from someone else.  What… there’s no shame in it!

Craig had been saying for a while that he wanted a marker board in the kitchen to keep up with the shopping list, appointments, and other random notes (in an effort to cut down on the ever-expanding pile of sticky notes on the new countertops).  Luckily, I stumbled upon this simple solution (originally from here) a few days ago after joining the Pinterest bandwagon.

marker board 2

I couldn’t believe how easy it was… frame + craft paper + dry erase pen = marker board.  So I decided that I would have to copy it (with a couple minor differences of course).

Unfortunately, the wall in the kitchen where we decided to hang our marker boards wouldn’t accommodate 12 x 12 frames in the arrangement that we wanted (four frames hung two by two).  So we instead bought four 8 x 12 frames.  Then I cut four sheets of 12 x 12 craft paper down to 8 x 12 so that it would fit the frames that I bought and into our printer.  The next step was to use Microsoft Word to type the templates for the four marker boards that we wanted (To Eat, To Buy, To Do, and To Remember)

marker board

After printing it was time to assemble the frames and hang the new marker boards.  Thankfully, Craig and his trusty tape measure were there to assist.






Now we’ve got a super easy way to keep up with everything, which means no more pile of sticky notes… what a shame.  I sure will miss those sticky notes.

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