Baby Connor's Shower!

Sunday afternoon was my friend Kellee's baby shower. She and her husband are expecting their first son, Connor, the end of August. The shower was a lot of fun and again I was amazed by all of the new things that they have now for babies... I am definitely getting some ideas for me and my little one!

The delicious spread of food and the amazing diaper cake that Kellee's aunt made for her.

Kellee's friend's son, Parker, helping unwrap baby Connor's first bicycle.

...and then trying to take it for a ride

Me and Kellee


Happy Father's Day! the new daddy-to-be in my house...
...and to all of you dads out there!

Twilight Alive... a free concert series in downtown Kingsport on Thursday nights. Unlike the Bluegrass on Broad Friday night bluegrass and gospel concerts, Twilight Alive concerts feature more of a rock and jam band kind of feel. Thursday night Craig and I decided to go to our first Twilight Alive concert to see the Randall Bramblett band who our friend Travis recommended to us. We had a great time and were thoroughly impressed by all that was going on downtown... I must admit that Kingsport is starting to develop quite the nightlife.

The openers... South Mouth

The headliner... Randall Bramblett


Weekend Visitors!

This past weekend my good friends Laura and Travis from grad school came up for a visit. It was so good to see them and catch up on all that has happened since I saw them last at their wedding back in October. We had fun showing them around town (the four main roads that will take you to everything you would ever need) and taking them to some of the local attractions (Bluegrass on Broad, TK's Big Dogs, and Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium). Eventhough the planetarium was a little disappointing, I think that overall they were fairly impressed with our little town.

A visit to Kingsport just wouldn't be the same without bluegrass music and, of course, clogging...

What a fun weekend! Can't wait to do it again!


Week 13 Update

We are now 13 weeks along! HOORAY!!! This marks the end of the first trimester! So far, so good! Here are the first pregnant belly pictures... Enjoy!

Me and my two babies... Sydney, of course, didn't want to be left out! He wants to make sure that I don't forget that he was my baby first!
I went to the doctor this morning for a routine pre-natal visit. As soon as the doctor walked in the room she told me that I was starting to look "cute and pregnant". She told me that all of the tests that they had run during our visit last week came back normal... so definitely good news! We listened to the baby's heartbeat (155-159 beats per minute). She said that this was a very good heart rate.

I asked her tons of questions about all sorts of things. She told me that I can, in fact, still ride a bicycle (for the next few weeks at least)! I'd just like to say "HA!" to the nurse who told me last week that I definitely could not do this! She told me that fainting during pregnancy is VERY normal... so you can stop worrying Holly and Rae... I'm okay! She said that this is caused by my body producing a large amount of blood during pregnancy and that this blood tends to pool in my extremities (especially when I stand up fast, get overheated, or stand for prolonged periods of time) and not enough blood makes it to my brain. She actually told me that chances are I'll faint again and told me to immediately sit or lie down when I feel dizzy. So, I was very glad to hear that my faiting during the beach trip isn't related to any kind of problem... although I'm kind of not looking forward to the possibility that it may happen again. Oh well... whatever happens it'll be worth it!


Girls Weekend '09

This past weekend I traveled to Hilton Head for a weekend with Holly and Rae. As usual, we had a grand time! The weather could not have been more perfect. We spent 5 hours just hanging out on the beach on Saturday. It felt so nice to be able to just sit on a beach... until that night when I realized how very, VERY sunburned I was! Anyway, it was still totally worth it!

Can't wait until our next girls weekend!


Ultrasound # 2

Yesterday we had our second ultrasound. I was amazed at how much the baby has grown in the past 2 1/2 weeks! We will be 12 weeks on Thursday. The ultrasound pictures looked much less like a lima bean and more like a little person! We could see the arms and legs and even the little hands and feet! The baby was VERY active... which made the ultrasound technician's job much harder as she was trying to get some very precise measurements of the nural tubes on the back of the baby's neck. Every time she would start trying to take the measurement the baby would suddenly throw out its arm or kick its leg and wiggle all over the place. Very cute to see! Anyway, after SEVERAL tries she finally got what she needed. These measurements, combined with a blood test, will tell us the chances that the baby will be born with down syndrome. We should have the results back in a little over a week. I feel really good about the test, especially after seeing how well the baby is growing and how active it is. Anyway, here are the most recent pictures. Enjoy!