Craig's New Room Mates...

Craig has two new roomies... Mr. Ribbits (white's treefrog) and Fred (gold fish)! We decided to go ahead and move the pets out of my apartment and over to the house to make it easier to move all of my furniture later this week. I think that Mr. Ribbits and Freddy Fred are adjusting nicely! Doesn't Mr. Ribbits look happy in his new home?!?

Weekend Warriors Part VII

This past weekend Craig and I tried to put a lot of the "finishing touches" on several projects. We are getting so excited about the wedding and are excited for all of our family and friends to see the house. We laid down fresh mulch on all of the flower beds and around all of the shrubs... now that was a back breaking job. I feel sorry for landscapers who have to do that for a living every day. Also, not only do the spare bedrooms FINALLY have doors, but they also have door knobs! Now our guests don't have to feel so exposed... sorry we didn't have this done a few weeks ago Jared and Melanie! We also started moving around some furniture in preparation for me to move in. The house is nearly presentable... we can't wait for everyone to come and check it out!


Two Weeks and Counting!

Less than 2 weeks left until the big day... boy, time has flown by! Needless to say, I'm busy trying to tie up all of those loose ends. We are both getting REALLY excited about the wedding... not to mention our trip to St. Kitts!!! We can't wait to see everyone and share out special day!


Weekend Warriors Part VI

We were at it again... working our entire weekend away. This weekend my focus was on one of my favorite things... lanscaping! Craig's focus was on putting up the remainder of the closet and bedroom doors AND FINALLY painting the new front door we bought almost a year ago. Needless to say we were both VERY busy. I think all of our hard work paid off though!

My projects:
#1--Flowerbed by the back patio

#2--Front of the house

#3--Potted flowers for a splash of color!

Craig's project:
Painting the front door!


Shutters Continued...

After our guests left we decided that we had time to work on one little project. We decided that we would finish putting up the shutters on the other side of the house. Here are the before and after pictures of the front of the house... including the monstrous bushes and the awful white shutters. I would also like to point out that the bushes we murdered are starting to grow back in. What a HUGE difference these changes have made!

Surprise Visitors!

This weekend Craig and I had some company. Craig was completely shocked when Brett, Jared, and Melanie (friends from GT) showed up to surprise him Friday night! I was so glad that we were able to pull off the surprise! It was so nice to hang out and catch up with everyone. Friday we went out to eat and hung out on the back patio (drinking and hitting golf balls). Saturday we grilled out and the boys took Craig out for an informal bachelor night! Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of what they did when they went out. Anyway, the weekend was a lot of fun and we can't wait to see them again at the wedding in a few weeks.

Jared, Melanie, and Brett

Craig hitting a golf ball off of his beer bottle. I hope we didn't wake the neighbors!

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Weekend Warriors Part V

So, this past weekend we were at it again. We're working our tails off trying to get the house put together in time for the wedding. This weekend we FINALLY began putting up the new shutters! It was a lot of work, but it was DEFINITELY worth it! As usual, the neighbors had a lot to say about it... this time it was all good!

Use Your Imagaination...

Last weekend Craig and I went to Clover/Rock Hill for Rae's wedding. The rehearsal was at the Inn at Baxter and the wedding was at the Magnolia room. Rae was a beautiful bride and we all had a great time! We brought our camera to South Carolina with us, but unfortunately we (by "we" I really mean "Craig") forgot to bring the camera to the wedding! So... if you're looking for pictures you'll just have to use your imagaination. Or, you can check out Holly's blog... SHE DID NOT FORGET her camera!