Alabama or Bust!

This past weekend Craig and I traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to visit with our friends Jared and Melanie. Here are the highlights...

Jared and Melanie took us on a tour of NASA to show us where they work.

NASA's so high tech that they even have one of those little chairs to take people up and down the stairs... how fun!

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Later we went to the US Space and Rocket Center... home of Space Camp! I went to Space Camp when I was in 8th grade, but this was Craig's first time. Since we were accompanied by two NASA employees we were able to get in for free... one of the perks of being friends with a couple of rocket scientists.

That night we all went to the Big Spring Jam. This three day concert features over 60 bands on five different stages downtown. We had a lot of fun. The hilight of the evening was seeing George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelics... Jared is a BIG FAN! By far, the best part of the night was watching the older fans dance... it was quite amusing! We also walked around and listened to Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers, and other bands on some of the other stages. All in all the weekend was a lot of fun... We will DEFINITELY have to visit again some time!

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The older genterman in front of us THRUSTING... I mean "dancing"!

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Weekend Visitors

This past weekend my sister Erin and her dog Sasha came to visit with Craig and I. We did a whole lot of nothing... which can really be a lot of fun. We grilled out a couple of times, took a leisurely stroll along the Greenbelt, walked around the Netherland Inn, went out for ice cream, and hung out around the house. We really enjoyed our weekend visitors and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Sasha discovered ducks... she wasn't quite sure about them!

Weekend Warriors Part VIII

Well... we're back at it. Over the last few weeks Craig and I worked diligently to upgrade the first of the two guest bedrooms. We were so rushed getting the room presentable prior to the wedding that we didn't get to do a lot of the finishing touches that we wanted to do.

First... clearing out the blue guest room. Unfortunately this meant piling everything into the green guest room.

Second... repair the cracks in the ceiling and take down the old light fixture.

Third... put up the crown molding, install the new ceiling fan, and touch up the paint!

It's a subtle, but BIG improvement!


Good News!

I got some news this morning about my nephew Bryce. The bad news... he's still in the hospital and will likely not be discharged for another week. The good news... he has begun farting!!! I never thought I would get so excited about any of my nephews passing gas, but considering the circumstances this is VERY GOOD NEWS!!! He is no longer restricted solely to ice chips and actually managed to stomach a piece of toast and some pasta today. Apparently, his toots are a sign that his previously damaged intestines are in fact healing and regaining function. So, looks like he's definitely on his way down the noisy, sometimes smelly, road to recovery!


Backyard Buddies!

A while ago I decided to take full advantage of our closeness with nature by hanging a few bird feeders from the one and only tree in the back yard. Throughout spring and summer I have been diligently filling the feeders as they empty and have been enjoying watching all of the pretty birds as they feed. I figured I was probably also feeding a squirrel or two, but that's no big deal. Little did I know that I have not ONLY been feeding the birds and an occasional squirrel... but also the many deer who have taken over our neighborhood!

Craig notified me yesterday morning as he was leaving for work that there was a doe and fawn in the backyard... since I was in bed I simply replied "okay" and rolled back over. Well... by the time I got out of bed and peeked out of the window the doe and fawn were gone. In their place were two other does who were eating the birdseed directly out of one of my feeders. The feeder I had JUST FILLED the previous evening was EMPTY!!! I stood there and watched as one of the deer used its nose to bump and tilt the feeder so that the last little bit of seed fell out. Now it all makes sense... NO WONDER I'm having to refill the feeders so often! And here I thought I was just feeding some very hungry little birds!?!


Thoughts and Prayers

I found out the other day that my nephew Bryce is in ICU at the one and only hospital in Bermuda. He had been feeling bad and complaining of pain. My sister and brother-in-law thought it was likely apendicitis. The doctors determined that it was not, but he actually had a hernia. So, they opened him up to take a look around and discovered that the hernia was pinching, restricting blood flow to, and "killing" part of his intestines. The doctors were trying to decide whether or not they would have to remove that part of his intestines.

Yesterday it was time for some good news! I got word yesterday that Bryce went in for his second surgery and the doctors decided NOT to remove any of his intestines. They felt confident that they would be able to recover once blood flow returned. So, they just repaired the hernia.

Unfortunately, Bryce is still in the hospital and will likely be there for the remainder of the week. Which means he will have to celebrate his 12th birthday tomorrow in a hospital bed. Plus the fact that he missed his own birthday party that was supposed to be this past Saturday. As much as it sucks, it's all worth it if he feels better. Hopefuly soon he'll be back to his normal happy, energetic, crazy self!