Christmas Time...

This year Christmas was at my sister Erin's house. All in all, we had a great holiday! Here are some pictures.

My parents came over Christmas morning. My dad and Craig cooked breakfast for us all! Erin was quite the host! You wouldn't believe how many times she rearranged the Hors D'Oeuvres to made the coffee table look nice and symmetrical!

At the end of the day we were all pretty worn out! We hope you all had a merry Christmas just as we did! We wish you all a happy new year!


Tis the Season...

This weekend my sister Erin came to visit us. She, of course, brought along her baby Sashia. We decided to take advantage of the extra hands (and paws) to get our Christmas tree. So, we drove down to Fall Branch Christmas Tree Farm where we were sure we'd find the perfect tree! This year we chose a Carolina Sapphire instead of our usual Leyland Cypress. I think we made an excellent choice.

Craig fell instantly in love!

All nice and decorated


Another Wedding!

Over the weekend Craig and I went to Kellee and Jason's wedding. For those of you who don't remember Kellee is a former co-worker of mine and Jason is my former supervisor. Also, you all may remember them from my wedding... as they showed off their "dancing" skills. Anyway, Kellee looked beautiful and they seemed very happy. Congrats!

Craig, Kori (co-worker), and I

The happy couple...

...doing what they do best... making out on the dance floor!



I FINALLY finished the upholstery project that I began OVER ONE YEAR ago! I kid you not... it really took me that long. Between work, the wedding, house stuff, and life in general it just kept getting put off. Well a few weeks ago I decided that it was time to finish the job. Let me refresh your memory...

Here is the chair before...
I took off the old, nasty black fabric to discover a layer of ugly red fabric...
I stripped the chair down to it's bare bones...

Then I recovered it in a nice, neutral fabric. Not bad for my first major upholstery job... except for the fact that I started the project in September 2006!


Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend Craig and I decided to go on a little road trip. We drove through the mountains and enjoyed taking in the fall foliage... unfortunately, the leaves weren't half as nice as they were last year.

We explored Asheville Friday night and Saturday morning. We enjoyed walking through town, taking in the sights, poking through the shops, and eating some amazing food. If you've never been to Asheville I highly recommend that you take time to visit some day!

Street performers... people from all over town meet every Friday night to drum together.

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Dinner at Bier Garden where they have over 200 beers on tap!

Saturday afternoon we headed down to Greenville for Laura and Travis' housewarming cookout! The house was so cute (for some reason I stupidly forgot to take a picture it). It was so nice to hang out and catch up with them. All in all it was a fabulous weekend!


We're Number One!

I came home from work yesterday and to my surprise the neighbors had left a surprise in our yard. Low and behold, Craig and I have been dubbed the "Most Improved Yard." How funny is this!?! So here's the story behind the sign... Ever since Craig bought the house we've noticed a number of yards in the neighborhood being honored as the "Ridgefields Garden Club's Yard of the Month" or the "Beautification Award Winner." Meanwhile Craig and I were working VERY hard to fix up the outside of our home... replacing the front door, putting up new shutters, trimming back the monstrous bushes, and planting new shrubs/flowers. We wondered what the requirements were for being honored in the way that many of our neighbors had been.

So, a couple weeks ago our neighbors Ann and Taylor had this lovely yellow sign made to be placed in the yard of our neighbors David and Becky. I passed a comment to Taylor wondering what a person has to do to get a sign in their yard. Little did I know that we would be the next nominees!

So now we seem to have a new little neighborhood tradition. I guess Craig and I now have to wait for someone new to move in and put in some work to pass along the honor.


Saturday Night Game Night!

Yesterday Craig and I hosted a USC/UT game night dinner. We were joined by Daniel and Danielle... two of our favorite people in Tennessee! We started the evening off by hanging out around the fire bowl (our new favorite thing to do) and preparing dinner on the grill.
Then it was time for the big game. The game was certainly filled with its ups and its downs... for both teams.
In the end, Tennessee managed to pull off the win (thanks to pure luck)... much to Daniel's pleasure!
Eventhough the gamecocks didn't win it was still a great night and we all had a great time!


Fall is in the Air!

Fall is definitely in the air up here. The leaves are beginning to change and the air is getting cool and crisp. Craig and I decided to ring in the season by spending an evening on the back patio alongside our new fire bowl (thanks again Jared, Melanie, and parents!). We really enjoyed the time together warming our toes!
I have a feeling we are going to get a lot of use out of this gift! Now all we need is some real patio furniture to go along with it.

Into The Wild...

Friday night Craig and I went to see Into The Wild... a movie based on the real life of a young man named Chris McCandless, a.k.a. Alexander Supertramp. The story follows Chris as he graduates from Emory University, abandons all of his possessions, and sets out on a journey of discovery. He hitch hikes across the country and even into Mexico before reaching his goal of Alaska. The landscapes were absolutely beautiful. The movie was amazing, tragic, and exciting all at the same time! All in all, I give the movie an overwhelming two thumbs up!


At Long Last!

FINALLY... After much discussion, negotiation, and internet research we have finally decided on a name for our newest family member! Personally I am a fan of pets having a first and last name... something that shows a little personality. Well, Craig's personality really liked the idea of the frog being a doctor. So we agreed on the title, but what about the names?!? That's where the internet came in. Craig found an online story about "The Frog Who Didn't Have a Name". After reading the story I decided that my frog's last name definitely had to be Hoppers! Now, on to his first name. Craig and I threw several names around and finally settled on Walter or Wally for short. So, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to all to Dr. Wally Hoppers! Isn't he fabulous!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so my parents decided to come to town to join the celebration. Saturday, my dad, Craig, and I spent the day on the golf course. We later met back up with my Mom and went out for dinner at Cocula... the best Mexican restaurant in town!
Sunday we spent the day hanging out at the house with my parents. After my parents left, Craig and I went out and picked up my birthday present... a new frog! This time I picked out a frog that was a little older. I still haven't decided on a name for him. Anyone have any suggestions?


Apple Festival

This past weekend Craig's mom came to visit with us. We decided to spend Saturday in Erwin at the 30th annual Unicoi County Apple Festival. We met up with our friends Daniel and Danielle and spent the day taking in all of the sights. As usual, the festival featured crafts, regional foods, entertainment, and of course locally grown apples! It was a beautiful day and we seemed to all have a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures.

Of course no festival would be complete without old ladies clogging?!?

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Happy Birthday Crystal!

Yesterday Crystal hit another major milestone... 200,000 miles! Sure she's been around the block a few times during her 13 years, but she's still awesome! Sure she's got a few extra bumps, scratches, and runs a little noisier than she used to... but don't we all experience this as we age? So here's to you Crystal... happy 200th! May you have many more!


Alabama or Bust!

This past weekend Craig and I traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to visit with our friends Jared and Melanie. Here are the highlights...

Jared and Melanie took us on a tour of NASA to show us where they work.

NASA's so high tech that they even have one of those little chairs to take people up and down the stairs... how fun!

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Later we went to the US Space and Rocket Center... home of Space Camp! I went to Space Camp when I was in 8th grade, but this was Craig's first time. Since we were accompanied by two NASA employees we were able to get in for free... one of the perks of being friends with a couple of rocket scientists.

That night we all went to the Big Spring Jam. This three day concert features over 60 bands on five different stages downtown. We had a lot of fun. The hilight of the evening was seeing George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelics... Jared is a BIG FAN! By far, the best part of the night was watching the older fans dance... it was quite amusing! We also walked around and listened to Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers, and other bands on some of the other stages. All in all the weekend was a lot of fun... We will DEFINITELY have to visit again some time!

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The older genterman in front of us THRUSTING... I mean "dancing"!

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