Congratulations Connor!

Sunday my friend Kellee's son Connor was baptized. We weren't able to attend the baptism, but we did visit with Kellee and Connor afterwards at their house. Connor is just adorable! He was such a good little guy and napped for almost the entire time that we were there. It was so good to visit with Kellee... it had been way too long! Congrats again Connor on your very big and very special day!

Me and Kellee
Kellee and Connor

Craig getting his practice in by holding Maelen (Our friends Misty and Rob's little girl)... this was the first time Craig had ever held a baby, so I just had to document the occasion!

33 Weeks and counting!

This week I will be 33 weeks or about 7 1/2 months along... I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Bailey now weighs around 4.4 lbs. She also measures about 12 inches from crown-to-rump and 19.4 inches in total length. I'm now having to go in to the doctor every 2 weeks for check ups instead of once every 4 weeks. Pretty soon I'll have to start going in to the doctor every week... I think that's when the panic will set in as I realize just how close we are to Bailey making her big appearance.

I'm still feeling really great... except for the occasional sore feet and legs at the end of the day. Since my last post my belly button has turned into a full-blown outie which is pretty weird to look at. My co-workers take pleasure in making fun of me for it every chance they get. Bailey is moving more now than ever... luckily she hasn't yet kept me up at night with her kicking. She's started responding to touch more. She tends to kick or move around a lot when Craig or I tap or rest a hand on my belly which is really cool!
Anyway, last week we had our repeat 4D ultrasound. Unfortunately, Bailey had grown so much since her first 4D that we weren't really able to get any really nice and clear pictures of her face (there has to be fluid around her face to get a clear picture and her nose was just barely touching the placenta... so it didn't come out clear at all). Plus, it didn't help that she was a little camera shy that day and kept covering up her face. Poor Pam rolled me from side to side, poked, tapped, and even buzzed my belly in an attempt to get her hands out of her face, but as soon as Pam would try to snap the picture Bailey would throw her hands right back up there. On the bright side, we know she's got all 10 of her fingers!

My Birthday in Houston

I know this post is WAY behind, but I'm trying to get caught up. Craig and I spent my birthday in Houston. We spent the afternoon checking out downtown and visiting the Holocaust Museum. However, the highlight of the day was going to the U2 concert that night at Reliant Stadium. Our seats--eventhough they were towards the back corner of the stage--were really good!

Muse opened for U2 which was VERY exciting! They did an amazing job! I have a feeling that Bailey is going to also be a big Muse fan from the way she was moving around during their performance!

U2 likewise did a fabulous job! We were amazed by all of the cool effects that took place on stage during their performance.

What a great day and an even greater night!


New Orleans...

(Downtown & the French Quarter)

A random wedding procession that we stumbled across

(Bourbon St.)
Enjoying a delicious water at Pat O'Briens

(Jackson Square & St. Peter's Cathedral)

(Mississippi River & Riverfront Park)

(St. Charles St. & the Garden District)

(Preservation Hall jazz club)
...was absolutely amazing!


Mississippi Bound...

Last Friday, Craig and I left home and headed down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for my cousin Amanda's wedding in Sumrall on Saturday.

We spent Saturday morning driving around Hattiesburg and checking out the sights and poking around some of the shops in the downtown area.

Saturday afternoon/evening was the wedding in Sumrall. The ceremony and reception were wonderful and Amanda, as always, looked just beautiful! Congrats Brandon, on marrying such a great girl!
We had a great time catching up with my family and hope to see them again soon!
Sunday morning we left Mississippi and headed down to New Orleans for the next leg of our trip. Craig had visited New Orleans before, but I had not... so needless to say I was very excited about this part of our trip!
New Orleans pictures and stories coming soon...


Bailey 4-D!!!

We had our 4-D ultrasound this morning... let me tell you, this was such a cool experience! Bailey was semi-cooperative. She kept putting her hands in front of her face and leaning her head back... which posed quite the challenge for Pam the ultrasound technician. Pam invited us to come back in some other time and see if we can get better pictures. So we'll try again in 2 weeks... although Craig and I were both pretty pleased with the pictures we got today!

She must be running out of room in there... her eye and nose look a little smooshed!
Her adorable little hand up against her cheek...
Her little foot and leg... I think it's so cool that you can see her ankle bone!
I think this one may be my favorite! I wonder if she's going to suck her thumb like I did when I was little?!?
Either a big yawn or she was fussing at Pam for poking around at her so much!
What a cute face!
Another slightly smooshed nose...

What a beautiful baby girl! Can't wait to see the difference between the 4-D pictures today and the ones we'll get in 2 weeks! It truly is amazing what technology can do!