Happy (Belated) Fathers Day!

Craig and I love traveling and love collecting art that reflects where we’ve been.  We’ve even been known to frame vintage maps that depicted places that are special to us.  We’ve always loved the idea of having a large map on the wall with dozens of pins in it to mark our travels, but we were never quite able to find a map that would fit the bill. 

So Bailey and I were very excited to stumble upon a scratch map of the world.  We were even more excited to present this map to Craig for Fathers Day this year.  Did I mention that Craig loved it?!?

A scratch map is exactly what it sounds like… a map that you use a coin to scratch off the places you have visited.  How cool is that!  Definitely a new and interesting spin on the old map and pins idea! 

We decided to use the map to chronicle only the  trips that we take together… for a quick snapshot of where we’ve been and where we’ve still to go!  Craig and I share a goal to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents (yep… Antarctica included!), so this map should definitely help us along our path to goal-fulfillment!

We dropped the scratch map off at the framing shop and picked it up after returning from our trip to Bermuda.  Once home we ever-so-carefully got to work scratching off the places where we have been.  




We were able to scratch off several U.S. states and a few other countries.  Here’s a list of what made the map (keep in mind places we have visited individually are not marked… we’re only going to mark places that we have traveled to together):

  • Spain & France (from a trip we took following our senior year of high school many, many moons ago)
  • Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis (from our honeymoon)
  • USA

Note: A couple of countries we have visited together (Bermuda and Monaco) are too small to be shown on the map… what a bummer!


Currently, all of the places we have traveled can be easily spotted within the shot above…


…which means we still have a whole lot of world left to discover before we can truly be as well-traveled as we would like to be. Fortunately, we have the rest of our lives to scratch away at it one trip at a time!


Lindsay said...

That is so neat, Alanna! I have never seen a scratch map before! Where did you get it?

Alanna said...

i ordered it online through but apparently they carry them at the discovery channel store... not sure if there's one in the mall down your way

Unknown said...

Fun! I had a map when I was younger that I put push pins in for all the places I traveled with my dad. I want to do something like that again! Love this!