Shut the Back Door!

In an effort to finish our flooring project in the living room we decided to install a new back door this weekend.  You see, the old door was in pretty bad shape.  It had gaps around it (which let a lot of cold air in during the winter), the frame was rotting in places, the deadbolt wouldn’t lock, it had water marks on the bottom of it from where the previous owners never sealed/painted it, and it was all scratched and ugly.  And before laying the last couple of pieces of new bamboo flooring at the back door we figured “if we’re going to rip out the old door and replace it, we may as well do it now before we finish the flooring at the threshold.”  So we did!



We chose a 9 lite fiberglass door, which is supposed to be 5 times more energy efficient than a steel door.  And this particular door wasn’t that much more expensive than its steel counterpart, so we figured what the heck… why not give it a shot!

The installation process was relatively easy since we had installed a new front door a few years back and knew exactly what to do with the back door.  Once we got all of our supplies home Craig began demo-ing the old door and casing. 




Next we popped the new door (complete with new casing) in place and secured it with nails (being sure to shim it in places so that everything would be level and plumb).


And then “voila”… after just a couple of hours we had a new back door!


As you can see though, there’s still a bit of detail work to be done inside… like adding the trim to pretty things up a bit.  But we’ll tackle that another weekend.  Maybe the same weekend that we install all of the other trims (crown, base boards, 1/4 round, shoe molding, etc.) throughout the renovated portion of the house.  Oh what fun that weekend will be!


I would like to dedicate this to a very special reader out there… one who’s been patiently awaiting a house-reno-related post (as opposed to all of the ones about the adorable baby or recent travels)… you know who you are (Mike!)… and this one’s for you!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Sad I wasn't able to snag that OLD door . . . I'm SURE I could have repurposed it somehow! :)

Looks great!

Alanna said...

we still have the old door... i was trying to think of something to do with it myself :)