12 1/2ish Months!

Sorry this post is a couple of weeks late, but it’s been more than just a little busy around here with Bailey’s birthday, Christmas, and now New Year’s… Anyway, here we go…

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m writing this post!  The year has truly flown by!

My sweet little baby has grown from this…


…to this…


The past 12 months have been awesome!  I am so amazed at the many changes we’ve seen in Bailey in her first year… I know this is the year when we’re supposed to see the most changes… but even knowing that I’m still amazed to think of it!

So here are the 12 month stats…

  • She now weighs 18 lbs. 12 oz. (15th percentile)  Yep… her percentile dropped again… from 25th at 9 months down to 15th at 12 (what the heck?!?).  But Dr. Marlow says that it’s noting to worry about since she had a nearly 2 lb. gain over the last 3 months.  She said that growth starts to level out at this point as babies become even more mobile… and Bailey’s definitely become more mobile!
  • She now measures 29 1/2 in. long (50th percentile)

Some other changes from the last month or so include…

  • More teeth… she now has 9!
  • Eating even more table foods.  We’ve basically given up the jarred stuff… except for the occasional vegetable.  She’d much rather play with her whole peas and green bean pieces than eat them, so we have a jar every so often to get in our greens!
  • Saying a few more words… such as “baby” and “Nana”
  • Blowing kisses!  She’s given up waving bye-bye and now strictly blows good bye kisses!  So sweet!
  • Figuring out other fun sounds to make with her mouth… “Indian noises” (a.k.a. patting her hand over her mouth as she makes different sounds)… clicking her tongue… popping her lips… and even a semi-whistle at times!  She’s definitely more vocal than ever!
  • Last, but certainly not least, she’s begun WALKING!!! (She started the day before her 1st birthday!  What a gift!)  Don’t get me wrong… she’s not running around like mad just yet… more like a Frankenstein walk (slow, stiff steps with arms outstretched) across the room.  But she’s certainly letting go and on the move! 

Some challenges we’ve been experiencing include…

  • Sleep!  Bailey’s struggled with this off and on since she began teething around 4 or 5 months old… and, I hate to admit it, but we’re still struggling with it off and on.  The last month and a half has been difficult with all of the traveling for the holidays and sleeping in unfamiliar places.  But we’ll work through it… and we’re looking forward to being home for a while (now that the holidays are over) to get her back in her routine!
  • Bath time troubles… not sure what happened… but, a little over a month ago Bailey began to hate bath time!  I don’t mean dislike… I mean full-fledged HATE!   We’ve tried everything… bathing her at a different time of day (hoping we’d just caught her when she was tired/cranky)… bathing her at other houses (nope… still screamed)… adding bubbles or different toys (to make bath time more fun!  apparently, bubbles and different toys aren’t as much fun as I thought)… bathing her in the sink (slightly better, but still ended up screaming, trembling, and trying to climb out)… anyway, Dr. Marlow says from what she can tell it’s nothing physical… it’s just an emotional reaction (to what?… we’ll probably never figure out) that we’re just going to have to push through.  So, armed with some suggestions from Dr. Marlow, we’re ready to work on tackling this challenge!
  • Tantrums!  Oh my!  Bailey really has begun to let you know what she wants or what she dislikes!  She’s far from being “that kid” who throws herself to the floor in the middle of the grocery aisle kicking and screaming… but, she is definitely getting more and more vocal when you tell her “no” to something she wants.  The good thing is that she understands “no” and typically won’t do whatever it is you’ve told her “no” to… she just sits there and screams with displeasure at not being able to do what she wants!  We’re very careful not to laugh at her when she’s like this (don’t want to send her mixed signals), but it really is funny to see!

Anyway, what an exciting year it has been!  I’m sure the next year won’t disappoint either!

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