Deck the Halls

Saturday we packed up and headed out to Roan Valley Tree Farm in Johnson City to pick out this year’s Christmas tree.  This is the first year that Roan Valley Tree Farm has opened their grounds up for “Choose and Cut”, and we were very excited to check it out!  The trees were gorgeous… and their facilities (although still under construction) were really cool.  The gentleman there said that next year they plan to offer hayrides, hot chocolate/apple cider, roasted marshmallows, and even visits from Santa! 

I hate to say it Fall Branch Christmas Tree Farm (which we’ve been patrons of for the last 4 years), but I think we have moved on.  Thanks for all of the good times, but  we’re totally over you!

Anyway, back to our new love… Roan Valley Tree Farm!  We cruised through the many rows of beautiful trees, searching for the perfect one.


Bailey found one that was just right for her… too bad we don’t have any place to put it or we might have ended up taking it home too.


Eventually though, we settled on the tree that was meant for us!


We think it looks right at home in our den!  We both agree that this tree is the prettiest yet we’ve had in this house!  Oh yeah… and best of all… Bailey isn’t the least bit interested in it!!!  I mean she likes to look at the tree while I hold her up next to it, but she crawls right past it anytime she’s on the loose in the den! 


After completing the tree I moved on to other areas in the house.  I pulled out the bronze elk statue that we bought while visiting in Jackson, Wyoming several years ago.  I think it looks great on the entry table accented with some greenery and a few lights!



Next stop was the dining room where I set up my hand made ceramic nativity set.  We figured it would be safer in the dining room than in it’s typical home on the entry table, which Bailey enjoys climbing on the bottom shelf of. 


On to the living room where I hung a strand of icicle lights from the mantle and decorated with some simple ornaments.


I LOVE how the living room now glows!


I only had one strand of icicle lights left and I was determined to put them somewhere!  So, I decided to light up the black hole which is our kitchen by stringing them around our Christmas card board.  Again, I like the extra little glow this has created… especially since it basically doubled the amount of light present in the kitchen!  Nope, not kidding about that one!


The only thing left to do is hang the wreath on the front door.  Unfortunately, some birds ate about 1/4 of the fake berries off of it last winter, so I’m going to have to make a few minor repairs before I can get it up on the front door.

But despite this minor set back, I think the house looks fantastic!  This will definitely be a very merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

The house looks GREAT and I agree that your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! The pics of Bailey are adorable too, of course! I LOVE the mirror over the moose & lights. I don't remember seeing it before. Is it new? Where did you get it?

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How fun! Everythign looks great!
And I, too, love the mirror! I don't remember a post about that!!

Alanna said...

thanks... the mirror was a salvation army find from a few months back. it was originally gold. we decided that a nice coat of blue paint would look better.