9 Months!

Hard to believe, but Owen turned 9 months at the end of March.  Here are the numbers from his 9 month well check:

  • Weight—17 lbs. 11 oz. (16th percentile)
  • Height—28 1/4 in. (43rd percentile)
  • Weight to height—12th percentile

Owen continues to be a very happy and healthy baby. The only concern Dr. Reinhardt had at the well check last week was that Owen still wasn’t very mobile. He wasn’t rolling around to get to things, going from laying down to sitting, crawling, or pulling up yet. After a very thorough inspection of his joints and reflexes she reached the conclusion that the only thing wrong with his is that he’s a tad bit on the lazy side. She gave us some tips on how to better “motivate” him to move and said that if little progress was made by his 12 month well check that she would order a physical therapy evaluation on him. Well, I guess hearing her say that was all the motivation he needed, because less than one week later he is now crawling, pulling up, and fully mobile (heaven help us!).


In other news, Owen now has two teeth (bottom center) and is eating pretty much anything you put in front of him—cheerios, bananas, mashed potatoes, pizza crusts (don’t tell the Dr. about this one), and so much more. He’s finally figured out how to use his sippy cup and seems to enjoy drinking his water.  His vocabulary has increased from zero words to three with him now saying “bye bye”, “mama”, and “dada” (in that order might I add).  He is such a true joy to be around and my heart melts every single time he flashes that handsome smile at me!

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