6-7 Months!

Yet another way overdue post about one of my kids.  This time it’s a nearly-month-old update on Owen.  Needless to say the kids have been keeping me pretty busy.  Anyway, back to the 6 month update on Owen!

At his 6 month well check last month Owen had the following measurements:

  • Weight—15.2 lbs.
  • Height—2 ft. 2.75 inches
  • Weight to height—3rd percentile


Over the past several weeks Owen has experienced a lot of firsts.  He began sitting up on his own.  He got his first tooth.  And, probably the most exciting first of them all, he began eating solids!  Needless to say, by this age he was ready for solids (and my boobs are more than ready for a longer break between feedings/pumpings)!  As far as milestones are concerned, he’s a little behind where Bailey was at this age, but he’s a completely different baby from how Bailey was and just seems to do things at his own pace!  I’m very curious to see what sort of changes the next few months will bring.  Whatever they are I know they’ll be exciting to watch!

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