We don’t usually get many (if any at all)  trick-or-treaters at our house on Halloween… we learned this the hard way our first year in the house when we bought several bags of candy and only had one visitor.  But seeing as this was Bailey’s first Halloween I decided that I would try to decorate just a bit.

I pulled out my trusty old tomato cages.


I turned them upside down and bent the wires down to round off the top.


Then I made wire arms which I attached to the cages.


I wrapped the cages with outdoor Christmas lights.


I draped them with a white sheet picked up from the Habitat Resale Store for $0.50.


Then I drew a face on the sheet using a Sharpie.


I then lined up my family of ghosts in the front yard and weighted the cages down with bricks.


I know they’re nothing fabulous, but seeing as we usually don’t do anything (we typically go out to eat, to a movie, or to a play) I thought they were fun!  Who knows… maybe next year I’ll go really wild and carve my own pumpkin!


Unknown said...

I LOVE these! So simple & cute... very festive!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! What a great idea!

Petra said...

i think they turned out great, simple and effective

Laura Everyday Edits said...

these are adorable! I am newest follower.. found you on linky. I hooked up a ghost in the tree.. but I am loving these with the lights!

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The Green Glass Pumpkin said...

What d'ya mean they're nothing fabulous? They're excellent! I want to do this now. Thanks for the great idea.