My Radio Debut!

I am very excited to report that this past Tuesday I made my radio debut! I was given the opportunity to do a little PR work for my new job and give a 30 minute interview with DJ Tiger Books on WCQR 88.3. It really is amazing how quickly the 30 minutes flew by. Thankfully the interview was pre-recorded rather that LIVE! I must say that the high point of the interview was when I mistakenly said "numberous" instead of "numerous" when I was trying to answer one of Tiger's questions... it was hilarious! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Tiger decides to edit that out. Other than that little flub I think I did pretty well for a first-timer!

In addition to the 30 minute interview I had to record a 30 second promo. The promo was basically me introducing myself, Habitat's mission, and telling people what they could do to get involved. I got it done in ONE TAKE... which Tiger said never happens!

Anyway, the station will begin airing my promo every day, multiple times a day starting on April 13th. The full interview will air on April 19th at 6 a.m. If for some reason you're up that early on a Saturday and you're in the area you should tune in and check it out!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

That's GREAT! Wish I could be there to hear that!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that it went well!! I like the new page layout. I am going to be in Asheville again tomorrow. Wish it was a weekend so we could meet up. Have fun at the race with mom and dad this weekend. :-)