Weekend Warriors Part VII

This past weekend Craig and I tried to put a lot of the "finishing touches" on several projects. We are getting so excited about the wedding and are excited for all of our family and friends to see the house. We laid down fresh mulch on all of the flower beds and around all of the shrubs... now that was a back breaking job. I feel sorry for landscapers who have to do that for a living every day. Also, not only do the spare bedrooms FINALLY have doors, but they also have door knobs! Now our guests don't have to feel so exposed... sorry we didn't have this done a few weeks ago Jared and Melanie! We also started moving around some furniture in preparation for me to move in. The house is nearly presentable... we can't wait for everyone to come and check it out!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How wonderful! It looks AWESOME!

I don't know if Grady and I mentioned it or not . . . but we've been needing some work done in our yard, and after seeing what you both can do, we are quite satisfied with your capabilities . . . .

Alanna said...

i'm not quite sure you guys could afford our services... we aren't exactly cheap labor!