Day Trippin' in Atlanta!

Craig and I spent the day Thursday in one of the best cities around... Atlanta! We were on our way to Albany, Georgia for Jared and Melanie's wedding and figured we'd take a day to enjoy Craig's former home. We couldn't believe all of the growth and development going on. If you thought Atlanta was big before you should check it out now!

First stop... IKEA!
If you've never been here you TOTALLY have to go... it's amazing! I think Craig was a little worn out by the whole IKEA experience!
Next stop... The Georgia Aquarium (the largest in the WORLD)!
Craig was sooo excited!

I got to pet sting rays and SHARKS!

Whale sharks... the largest fish in the WORLD... the aquarium
has four of them! (this one is named Norton)

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Beluga whales... they have five!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

What a fun weekened!! Grady and I really want to go to Atlanta one weekend!!

Alanna said...

if you do go, i TOTALLY recommend the aquarium! it's one of those things that you have to see to believe!