DIY Pallet Crèche

I absolutely love my nativity set!  I picked it up at a local artist gallery a couple of years back.  I look forward to displaying it each year, but have always struggled with how best to show it off.  I’ve always wanted to have a crèche to go along with the nativity set. 

A little over a year ago I found this pallet at the local recycling center and I decided that I would take it home an try to build a crèche out of it.  Unfortunately, I never seemed to have the time to get the project done.  So the pallet has just been laying around… waiting to realize its full potential.  And finally, this year I got the job done!

I got to work disassembling the pallet, which I can say now was a much harder job than I ever expected it to be.  But luckily, once it was done I ended up with a nice big pile of wood to work with.



I measured my nativity pieces and did a rough sketch of what I wanted the crèche to look like.  I didn’t have an exact plan in mind for it… just a general idea of how I wanted it to look.  Then I just started cutting the boards and piecing them together.  I called Craig in a couple of times for an engineering consult… just to make sure that whatever I had in mind to do would actually work.  And thankfully it all turned out great!  Even better than I expected!

The completed crèche measures about 3 feet in length and 18 inches tall.  It’s also about 18 inches deep.  IT’S MASSIVE!  But considering that my nativity pieces average about 12 inches tall it’s perfect!  And the price can’t be beat—100% F-R-E-E-!!!

I decided to display the crèche on the buffet in the dining room… pretty much because that was the only spot where it would really fit that would also be out of the reach of little fingers.  I added a little bit of straw to the manger and then draped a strand of lights around it.  And I think that the results are absolutely beautiful! 

What a wonderful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!

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