DIY Burlap Ribbon Card Holder

This is a super simple… and I do mean simple solution to all of those holiday cards that are likely piling up at your house right about now.  All you need is a frame (I picked mine up at a thrift store a while ago and gave it a quick coat of red spray paint… it was originally used as a photo booth prop at Owen’s first birthday), scissors, measuring tape, hot glue gun and two roles of burlap ribbon (picked up in the floral section at Walmart for about $3.00 each).


Begin by measuring each side of your frame so you can figure out how many strip of burlap ribbon you will need.  For my frame, I determined that I would need 5 strips in one direction and 4 in the other.  Cut your burlap strips, leaving just a little extra length on each end… just in case.  Then flip the frame over and mark off where you want to place your burlap strips.  I decided to start placing my burlap in the middle and working my way out… that way I could make sure that things were all even.


Shoot a small bead of glue down the top and bottom and attach your first set of burlap ribbons.  Repeat the process on the sides, weaving the ribbons over and under before fully securing them.



Once everything’s all glued down you can trim off any excess burlap that’s hanging off of the sides.


And that’s it!  I told you it was so super easy!  I think it maybe me 30 minutes to complete this project from start to finish… possibly less.  I LOVE the alternating patterns on the burlap!  I think it adds a little extra fun!


I stuck it up on the mantle beside the scrap fabric Christmas tree art I had made.  I can’t decide which is more fun to look at… the scrap fabric tree or the burlap ribbon card holder.  What do you think?

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