End of the Pre-School Year

This week marked the end of the pre-school year for Bailey and the rest of her two year old class (She’s actually 3 1/2, but since her birthday is so late she was placed in the two year old class at the beginning of the school year).  And the occasion was marked by a series of activities this week.

First was a little graduation program on Monday where the kids sang a series of four songs and were presented with their graduation certificates.  After the program the families were invited to enjoy some refreshments, view the kids’ artwork and watch a video of the class’ activities throughout the year.  Definitely very sweet to be a part of!





The second graduation week event was a class picnic at the nearby state park (and playground) Monday evening.  Even though the picnic was intended for Bailey’s class, the whole family was invited.  Of course this suited Owen just fine.  He loved getting a chance to play with Bailey on the big playground!


The third and final graduation week activity was outside day, which was held this afternoon.  What’s outside day?  Well, imagine field day, but with a sprinkler, water table and ice cream party at the end.  Yep, definitely a good time for everyone!


Of course Bailey was a little hesitant about the sprinkler at first…


…but she eventually warmed up to it with a little encouragement from her friends.





And needless to say the ice cream (all two bowls of it) was a hit!


I can’t believe another year of pre-school has already come to an end.  Bailey has had such a wonderful school year.  She learned so much and has grown in so many ways.  She made some new friends and got to know the old friends even better!  Can’t wait to see what she does in the three year old class next school year! 

Bailey Colonial Heights Day School Class 2012-2013 2

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