5 Months!

Yet another month has passed… this one even faster than the last one.  Owen turned 5 months old last Tuesday. 


He had a follow-up appointment at the pediatrician last week (for the cold he’d had a couple of weeks before) and while we were there we got all of his measurements.

  • Weight—15 lbs. 5 oz. (24th percentile)
  • Height—2 ft. 2.75 in. (83rd percentile)
  • Weight to height—5th percentile

Both his weight and height percentiles were up, which is always nice to hear.


His latest discoveries include the following:

  • Feet (and the socks that accompany them) are actually pretty tasty
  • When in doubt, blow spit bubbles
  • Bath time is the most awesome-est thing ever
  • Bailey is, by far, the most fascinating person in the world!


Can’t wait to see what new tricks he comes up with in the next few week!

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