Happy Halloween!

Each year I try to be creative yet keep things as simple (a.k.a. cheap!) as possible when it comes to Halloween costumes.  It always amazes me how expensive so many store bought costumes can be… and most of them are really poorly made. 

In the past, Bailey has dressed up as a clown and a lion, which were both a lot of fun.  This year, since we now have two children, I decided that the Halloween costumes had to coordinate!  I honestly had no idea where to start. 

So when I remembered having this brown, bear suit that friends (thanks Laura and Travis!) gave us for Owen I decided to keep it simple and dress him as a bear.


Then came the tough part… trying to figure out a coordinating costume for Bailey.  Then suddenly it hit me one day… Bailey could be Goldilocks and Owen could be Baby Bear! 

I found this sweet little dress at the local Goodwill for $2.99 and thought that it would make a perfect Goldilocks outfit.  It was sized 2T, but with Bailey being so petite I figured it would probably still fit her.  So it took a chance on the dress and took it home.


I tried the dress on Bailey to check the size and was thrilled to see that the dress was almost a perfect fit.  The one and only problem with it was the length.  You know those girls you see out places and you think to yourself that if they bent over even just a little bit you’d see everything?  Well imagine that… only shorter!  You could actually see everything while Bailey was standing! 

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take much to solve the problem… just a little bit of fabric sewn onto the bottom of the dress.  And best of all, my mom was in town and she was looking for little projects that she could do to keep herself busy.  So I put her to work!


The end result was this sweet little ensemble…


…and this even sweeter little pair!



DSCN3738 (2)



Have you ever seen a better looking Goldilocks or Baby Bear?  Surely not!  They are just so sweet! 

Unfortunately, thanks to some pesky shots at the pediatrician’s office Halloween morning and some very chilly weather outside Owen wasn’t able to go trick-or-treating.  Instead, he hunkered down at home with my Mom while she handed out candy.


Bailey on the other hand was good to go!  And go she did!  She had a great time visiting at the neighbors’ houses and getting her trick-or-treat on! 


Definitely another very happy Halloween!

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