Another Built-In Progress Report

I realize that it’s be a really long time since my last built-in desk/entertainment area update.  Please don’t think that the lack of posts on the subject is due to a lack of progress though.  Tremendous progress has definitely been made!  I’ve just been too slack busy to blog about it.  I apologize!

Anyway, here is a reminder of how things looked before we ever started this built-in project.


And here’s a picture from when we last left off.


And here’s how things look now!


Still not complete, but definitely much further along than the picture from before.  So, what exactly have we (and by we I totally mean Craig) been up to?

Well… first Craig installed electrical outlets, cable jacks, and internet jacks in the back of the entertainment and desk cabinets.  Thankfully, we knew when we renovated and rewired the kitchen/family room that we planned to later install built-ins, so we made sure to run the necessary wires in the walls before our new drywall went up.  Honestly, I don’t know how he does it, but Craig really makes this kind of stuff look easy!  After cutting a rather large hole in the drywall behind the cabinets, he simply fished out the wires, marked and cut holes in the backs of the cabinets, and installed the electrical boxes.  Then he slid the cabinets back into place and secured them. 




After all of the electrical work was done, it was time to start planning for the shelves.  We discussed a few different layouts for the shelves before we finally settled on our final design.  Then Craig got to work installing the supports that would hold the shelves. 





Once all of the supports were installed over both the desk and entertainment area, his focus turned to building the shelves and countertops.  We decided to use MDF as the main material for this part of the project.  Craig built the shelves by taking two pieces of MDF and sandwiching a piece of wood that had been cut down to size in between.  He made sure to leave a gap on the sides and back to allow for the shelves to slide back onto the supports he had secured to the walls.  The countertops he made by securing two pieces of MDF together and then trimming out the front edge.



When the shelves and countertops were all built it was then time to begin painting.  After doing a little research we chose to use an alkyd paint to help the shelves and countertops hold up better over time.  Craig applied a nice, solid coat of Sherwin William’s Multi Purpose Latex Primer which he then followed with a few coats of Sherwin William’s Pro Classic Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd in extra white.  To help eliminate brush/roller marks he added a little Floetrol Latex Paint Additive to the paint.  This also helped to extend the dry time of the paint, which was a huge help since alkyd paint tends to dry so quickly.


After everything was painted and dried it was time for the fun part… assembly!  Craig very carefully secured the countertops in place and then slid in all of the shelves.  I guess all of his planning paid off because all of the pieces fit together perfectly, just like a jigsaw puzzle!  It really was a beautiful thing! 







Now all that’s left to do is caulk the cracks where the brick meets the shelves and countertops, add all of the trim (including crown, baseboards, and toe kick), and accessorize the shelves.  Can’t wait for it all to be done! 


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Man, Craig is handy. (There may have been a bit of jealously in that statement...)

Alanna said...

ha... don't be too jealous. the handiness is always accompanied by a huge mess in the house. not to mention that projects take 5 times as long when they're diy'ed than when they're hired out.