Change in (Floor) Plans

As mentioned before, we’ve been working on transitioning Bailey’s old nursery into a shared room for her and her soon-to-arrive brother.  Our original plan was to create a floor plan similar to this:

Combined Room Layout 1

Unfortunately, after the furniture was moved around we discovered that this floor plan wouldn’t work as well as we had hoped.  The main problem was that the dresser/changing table (which is a fairly frequent destination in the room) felt cramped and closed-in in the back corner.  Not to mention the fact that the book case and hamper (which we had planned to move into the closet) were greatly missed in the room.  So it was time to come up with a Plan B.

After a little bit of rearranging, our final floor plan ended up looking like this: 

Combined Room Layout 2

Some of the elements in the room stayed the same, but a lot of things changed.  So far the floor plan seems to work much better for us!  And Bailey couldn’t be more excited about it!

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