Built-In Brainstorm

Once upon a time, the view from our family room into our kitchen looked a little something like this


But, what you may not have noticed from the picture above was the old built-in desk/book case that used to be in the family room.  You can just barely see the corner of it in the picture below (For some reason I completely neglected to take a picture of the old built-ins prior to ripping them out in the big kitchen/family room renovation… obviously, I was more focused on the impending changes to the kitchen than I was on the changes that would take place in the family room)

100_8639 2

Completely out of view of the above picture is a large recessed area (approximately 3 ft. deep by 3.5 ft. wide) to the left of the built-in desk/book case.  The space is flanked by brick on either side and served no apparent purpose, so this is the spot where we had awkwardly placed an old TV and stand to be used in the room.

Anyway, our plan from the very beginning was to swap the “office” and “entertainment” areas.  Before the old kitchen wall came down and the new peninsula went in we were forced to rip the old, built-in desk/book case out to make way for the new walkway into the kitchen.  The slightly recessed area (approximately 1 ft. deep by 6.5 ft. wide) that we were left with was too shallow for a desk, but it would work perfectly for the new built-in book case/entertainment area we had envisioned.

 DSCN1024 2

And the deeper recessed area to the left (again, I failed to take a “before” picture of it) was the perfect depth for a built-in desk similar to this inspiration picture (originally pinned from here).

built in desk pin

Unfortunately, with the expense of the kitchen renovation and the unexpected roof repairs we made last year, we didn’t have the money in the budget to finish our built-in plans.  This left us with a lack of storage and no designated office space in the family room.  Our so-called “temporary” solution has simply been this…


Continue using the deeper recessed area (that we planned to convert into a new built-in desk) for our old, awkward TV and place an old, unused desk in the slightly recessed area to the right (that we planned to use for a new entertainment space).



I know it’s pitiful, but this has been our reality… for about 9+ months now!

Thankfully, however, it doesn’t look like this will be our reality much longer!  Because sitting in our back room as I type this post are a small handful of boxes that look a little something like this…


That’s right folks!  The cabinets required to make our built-in dreams a reality are here!  Now all we need is a free weekend or two to make the magic happen!

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